Review: Fortitude (S2 E2/10), Thursday 2nd February, Sky Atlantic

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-22-40-14After last week’s portentous episode, when it appeared that doom was descending on the township of Fortitude from all directions, things couldn’t get worse – could they? With the opener offering up a lot of questions and very few answers, as you would expect, it’s time now for the path to become clearer. First we have to discover the identity of the headless body found in the snow. As was pretty clear, it was the barfly we heard raving about demons and cannibalism – but we still don’t know who he was, or what he was doing in Fortitude.

NB: Spoilers ahoy!

There are other mysteries, too – Dan’s whereabouts for the past weeks, and why he’s full of anti-freeze. Then there’s Natalie’s intentions with the deadly wasps to be addressed.

Raving loon Hindemith, we discover, was apparently looking for geological rarities, and has a history of dealing in blood diamonds. Like Kurtz in Heart of Darkness, he’s seen too much horror, and it’s driven him mad. That doesn’t really explain why was he taking animal sedatives, and why he liked mustard so much. And was Rune involved with him, as his sister Ingrid suspects?

To no-one’s great surprise, it turns out that Elena is not dead, but in a coma, cared for by a creepy doctor humming Tainted Love. Equally creepy is Natalie’s colleague Dr Khatri (Parminder Nagra) who seems to take the prospect of environmental catastrophe much more seriously than does Natalie, but even she can’t explain why Natalie’s wasps turn out to be harmless.

Again, the icy distance between Hildur and Eric becomes a problem when she is sacked for releasing fuel to the fleet. She can’t talk about it to Eric, but she can to the comatose Dan. Her lack of reaction is worrying – there’s stoicism, then there’s denial. But then, everyone in the town carries on treating her as governor, so we feel that her dismissal won’t really take.

When the sozzled Michael has to intervene to take out a crazed polar bear in the school, Vincent fears that the wasps are back. Hopefully no-one was eating during the scene where the bear is autopsied, but perhaps a more upsetting prospect for Vincent is having to find a live bear to examine.

Understandably, Hildur is unconvinced by Eric’s analysis of the murder – Congolese warlords following Hindemith to Fortitude to shut him up? Not likely. No wonder, then, that tracing the source of Hindemuth’s hallucinogenic reindeer juice to Tavrani (Ramon Tikaram) leads to the discovery of a head in the freezer.

Now, it’s one thing chopping a man’s head off, but quite another taking it home and keeping it next to your yoghurt. Tavrani has some explaining to do. For one thing we want the recipe for his reindeer juice, which sounds like it could be fun, in the right proportions. Certainly we’re going to need something strong to get us through what looks like an imminent outbreak of chaos.

Incidentally, those crabs on the satellite scan Michael is chasing – we don’t think they’re crabs. Just saying.

Chris Jenkins

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  1. Sharon says:

    One minor quibble: It wasn’t a creepy doctor singing to Elena. That was Martin Husklep, the school teacher. The “feeder” from last season. Why he was visiting her was unexplained. I suspect he just likes to pry into everyone’s business.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Seija says:

      I thought the school teacher was a creepy charactar from the on-set in the first season. To me it seems we don’t know everything about him, yet…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sharon says:

        Yes. I was surprised they brought him back since his story arc seemed over after Shirley’s death. But you are right. They must have something big planned for him.

        Things seem a little over the top so far this season. I hope they don’t ruin it. Dan was my fave character, and I’m worried about what they are doing with him this season.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Seija says:


    Dan also was a deeply troubled character so everything is possible with him this season, I think.


    1. Sharon says:

      Yes, but he was a fundamentally good character. After we learned his “secret,” his actions made total sense. I just hope he doesn’t become unredeemable.

      I’m taking this way too seriously. :-0


  3. Miaya says:

    Very confusing, seen up to episode 6, a lot going on very psychological. God knows where it will go now!! Gripping!!


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