BBC releases first-look images from Paula and McMafia


6241Late last year, the BBC announced a raft of new dramas. A couple of them were thrillers and crime dramas, and now they’re coming to life thanks to some first-look images released by the BBC. Continue reading


Ardal O’Hanlon joins Death In Paradise as show lead


624Death In Paradise is a juggernaut, we all know that. Every week it draws in right million viewers and keeps rolling and rolling on. It provides pure escapism and a neat and tidy whodunit every week, and because of these elements you can see why it’s such a success. The challenge for the writers is to not only keep churning out the mysteries that fit the format, but also ensure safe change-over when key cast members decide to leave. They did it successfully when Kris Marshall took over from Ben Miller, and now they have another task on their hands… Continue reading

New Sherlock Holmes series to be set in Finland


770px-2018-2019-sherlock-north-promo1It seems people just can’t get enough of Sherlock Holmes. With countless incarnations of cinema and TV screen, and with Britain’s own Benedict Cumberbatch-starring behemoth having just finished (the US version, Elementary, is still going strong-ish), Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic character just keep on going. And going. And going. In fact, now it’s going to Scandinavia and the Nordic countries… Continue reading