The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 6th – Sunday 12th January)

the-moorsideThere are a couple of notable finales this week – ITV’s excellent second series of Unforgotten comes to an end, while Apple Tree Yard, normally on a Sunday night, switches its finale to the vacant Monday-night slot vacated by Silent Witness. Elsewhere, there’s the new Shannon Matthews drama, The Moorside, featuring Sheridan Smith and a couple of noteworthy radio dramas. Enjoy!

With the suspects in the murder of David Walker all having either a motive, opportunity or connection to the victim, Cassie and Sunny are left with a massive puzzle to solve. Cassie soon focuses in on Sara, whose alibi seems too perfect, as if it has been put together by an accomplice of the ex-prostitute – and the team is soon investigating the possibility of a wider revenge plan. Meanwhile, interviews with Colin and Marion’s loved ones prove revealing.
Thursday 9th February, 9pm, ITV

I shan’t mention anything for fear of spoilers…
Monday 6th February, 9pm, BBC1

Drama examining the disappearance of nine-year-old Shannon Matthews from the Moorside Estate in Dewsbury. Emotional public appeals for information from her mother Karen Matthews amount to nothing, and the community, led by Julie Bushby, stand by her and make extraordinary efforts of their own to find Shannon. Despite the support, doubts are beginning to creep in for some regarding Karen’s behaviour, and friend and neighbour Natalie Brown struggles with her conscience as she becomes convinced that Karen knows more than she is revealing.
Tuesday 7th February, 9pm, BBC1

Natalie and Vincent head out into the wilderness and the police track down their suspect, but a dark turn of events leads them to question everything.
Thursday 9th February, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

After finding herself suspended from duty, Deering goes rogue in her efforts to nail Nora. Back at the station, Lickberg tries to control the team, as they urgently intensify the manhunt for one of the Attahs’ missing victims. Teegan is sent on an undercover operation and an unlikely alliance is agreed between Nora and the team, who wants to stop a Female Genital Mutilation cutter arriving on her patch.
Wednesday 8th February, 9pm, Channel 4

Mac confronts his war demons and the massacre in Vietnam that shadowed him and Arthur, and settles a score with an old adversary.
Wednesday 8th February, 10pm, Sky Atlantic

7 Murdoch Mysteries *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
The detective investigates when a star footballer dies on the pitch and the post-mortem reveals the victim had a stab wound that had been crudely stitched up.
Monday 6th February, 9pm, Alibi

8 Second Holmes
Second Holmes follows the adventures of the grandsons of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in contemporary England. Peter Egan stars as Stamford Holmes with Jeremy Nicholas as “Doctor” Watson. Stamford has inherited his grandfather’s sleuthing genius, but thinks the police should actually solve crimes. It’s the grandson of the original Doctor Watson who is rather keen on keeping up family traditions. The series was written by prolific writer for radio, Grant Eustace, and produced by noted comedy producer and writer Paul Mayhew-Archer (The Vicar of Dibley). First broadcast in 1983.
Wednesday 8th February, 9.30am, BBC Radio 4 Extra

9 The Mask Of Dimitrios
English crime novelist Charles Latimer is holidaying in Istanbul when he first hears of the mysterious Dimitrios – an infamous master criminal long wanted by the law, whose body has just been fished out of the Bosphorus. Fascinated by the story, Latimer decides to retrace his steps across Europe and gather material for a new book. Fascination tips over into obsession as he gradually discovers more about his subject’s shadowy history – involving murder, prostitution, political assassination, drug-dealing and espionage. The Mask of Dimitrios was written in 1939 by Eric Ambler, a key figure in the evolution of the crime thriller who brought realism and political awareness to the genre and influenced writers such as Graham Greene and John le Carré. It stars Tim McInnerny, Kenneth Cranham and Rachel Atkins, and was first broadcast in 2013.
Thursday 9th February, 10am, BBC Radio 4 Extra

10 Death In Paradise *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
The second of a two-part story picks up where things left off last week, with Humphrey, Florence and Dwayne having swapped the sun and sand of the Caribbean for the cold and noise of London. Their latest investigation has taken them back to the detective inspector’s home town – but they’ve hit a brick wall with the discovery of another dead body. And now they have two murders to solve. Meanwhile, Dwayne has an emotional encounter and Humphrey receives advice from an unexpected source that helps him reach a big decision.
Thursday 9th February, 9pm, BBC1


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Sara Latham says:

    Have to say I love No Offence. I’ve not enjoyed the main plot of this second series (I don’t really care what happens to the Attah’s), but the weekly sub plots are more than enough. Love the writing and the characters, particularly Deering, the Professor (he gets all the best one liners) and the wonderful Dr Peep (not been in it enough this series). Great stuff.


  2. Craig says:

    Hey – first comment here. You are my go to place for info on upcoming British and Scandinavian crime dramas, though often we have to wait a while for them to arrive down under. Just a note – you have January in the title of this article, when you mean February.


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Hi Craig, and welcome! Thanks for stopping by… and thanks for the heads-up on the error. Oops!


    2. Charlotte Carling says:

      Hi Craig, as you are down under I will shamelessly tout Midnight Sun once more on this site. It is already available on SBS on demand while UK viewers have to wait just a little bit longer.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Craig says:

        Oh I watched Midnight Sun beginning to end as soon as it went live on SBS On Demand. Well worth binging on!


      2. Charlotte Carling says:

        Isn’t it just! It was on in the autumn here in Sweden and I’m really impatient to hear the reactions once it’s out in the UK.


      3. Paul Hirons says:

        Cheers Craig. Can’t wait to see it here in the UK. Now then… have you seen The Kettering Incident? It starts here next week…


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