The New Crime Drama That’s Taking Italy By Storm: The Bastards Of Pizzofalcone


screen-shot-2017-02-08-at-14-29-50I always bang on about it, but this site likes to keep an eye out on the big new shows from Europe and beyond, if only because in this international, multi-platform world it’s likely that any hits from overseas will make it to the UK (and other territories) sooner or later. We’ve got our eyes on a drama from Italy. Set in Naples, The Bastards Of Pizzofalcone (I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone) has taken the country by storm and looks like the kind of series that would do well here, too.

Variety reports that:

Directed by Carlo Carlei, one of the few Italian directors with Hollywood credentials, “Bastards” is based on a bestselling series of noir novels about a ragtag team of detectives. The show has a tenderness at its core that stands in sharp contrast to the gritty “Gomorrah,” Italy’s top TV export, though both are set in the atmospheric southern Italian port city which is also the backdrop of Elena Ferrante’s popular novels.

The report goes onto to say that the final episode of the six-episode series attracted a quarter of Italy’s viewing public, outgunning the ever-popular Inspector Montalbano. It looks like Italy has a new hit crime series on its hands.

In Naples, in the Pizzofalcone police station, is setting up a new team of police officers, chosen from the scraps of other police, sent to replace the colleagues indicted in a drug deal. Newcomers inherit from them the nickname The Bastards. The team is led by Commissario Palma and by Inspector Lojacono, and immediately gets to work on a burning issue: the murder of a wife of a Naples dignitary.

Lojacono, known as The Chinaman (Alessandro Gassman), is a cop with a chequered past and a reputation (he captured serial killer The Crocodile in a previous job). Lojacono’s partner is Aragona (Alberto Angrisano), who wants to be known as Serpico, but the name doesn’t stick. Luigi Palma, aka Gigi (Massimiliano Gallo), is the Commissario, Francesco Romano, known as Hulk, is the slightly self-deluded lieutenant and there’s also Laura Piras (Carolina Crescenti).

Sounds good to us. Let’s hope it gets picked up.


3 thoughts on “The New Crime Drama That’s Taking Italy By Storm: The Bastards Of Pizzofalcone

  1. ruisdb

    Thank you for the suggestion.
    I saw the first episode and liked it. The italian has a very strong “southern” accent.
    It seems there is an excessive “stereotyping” of the characters; but that can just be the outer layer. In the final minutes of this first episode we were presented with some “atrange surprises” about the personal experiences and motivational systems of several of the team members.


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