Amazon sets date for German identity theft series, You Are Wanted

Your Are WantedI’m not going to lie: the whole concept of data and identity theft scares the brown out of me. It’s just one of those things; the idea that someone nicks your identity and forges something new and out-of-control is genuinely ridiculous but terrifying. So it’s not without caution I recount this piece of news to you: Amazon Prime will be showing a new German series called You Are Wanted, which deals with this very same subject.

TBI Vision reports that the six-episode series will debut in the UK on Amazon Prime on 17th March.

The story goes something like this: young hotel manager and family Lukas Franke (Matthias Schweighöfer) is brutally torn out of his everyday life when someone steals his personal data and begins to rewrite his life story. Soon, the BKA suspects him to be a member of a terrorist organisation. Even his wife (Alexandra Maria Lara) begins to doubt him. When his child is finally threatened, it is clear to Luka: he must fight back. He joins forces with Lena Arandt (Karoline Herfurth), also a victim of the hackers. With her help, he tries to find the hackers and reclaim his life. Who is behind the conspiracy? Why do they care about him? He must find the perpetrators to prove his innocence and get his old life back.




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