Trapped’s Baltasar Kormakur to make ‘supernatural thriller’ series based around Katla volcano

791640Anything to do with Trapped – The Killing Times’ best crime drama series of 2016 – and we’re all over it. That show’s creator, Baltasar Kormakur, has recently opened his own studio, RVK, in Reykjavik and he revealed at the Berlin Film Festival that his next project would be a supernatural thriller based around the island’s Katla volcano – a volcano that could erupt at any given moment.

Variety reports that Katla will be a “dystopian series is set in Reykjavik, in a near future where Katla has been erupting for two years, causing damage, health hazards, alarming mutations and strange events. A large-scale crisis breaks out and brings together scientists from abroad who converge on the Icelandic capital.”

“Iceland provides a compelling backdrop for a series like ‘Katla,’ because it’s a country which only has 300,000 inhabitants and draws over two million tourists each year. So a natural disaster of that scope would have a massive impact,” Kormakur was quoted as saying.

Indeed, the spectre of Katla looms large over the island – when I visited last November, we were told that the volcano is due for another blast (the last being in 1928) at any moment. Judging by the global disruption caused by the Eyjafjallajökull eruption in 2010, another from Katla could be potentially devastating.

It’s unclear whether Kormakur’s Katla will be a crime drama per se, but with strong thriller elements, we’ll be looking out for it.



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  1. Charlotte Carling says:

    I’m really looking forward to this one.


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