The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 20th – Sunday 26th February)

p04t3lz8As we gird our crime loins for the incoming Broadchurch and Prime Suspect 1973, there’s still plenty to watch and enjoy this week, not least episode two of SS-GB and episode three of The Kettering Incident. Look out for the series finale of the now Kris Marshall-less Death In Paradise, as well as two new series – James Nesbitt in Sky1’s Lucky Man, and from New Zealand, The Brokenwood Mysteries. Enjoy!

Archer rushes to the rescue after learning of a resistance plan to kidnap his son. But he is trailed every step of the way by Huth and may be placing the boy in even greater danger. Harry feels betrayed when he finds out that Archer kept the tip-off from Sylvia a secret from him, and expresses his unease about trusting the inexperienced Jimmy with an important case. Archer finds himself morally torn as Huth demands his help in crushing the resistance, who have a plan to free the country from occupation at a terrible price.
Sunday 26th February, 9pm, BBC1

Michael finds a glimmer of hope for Freya, while Vincent’s trust in Natalie is shattered. Later, a disturbing challenge is issued.
Thursday 23rd February, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

3 The Kettering Incident *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
The search for Chloe continues, as Anna finds some unexpected information regarding her hometown.
Wednesday 22nd February, 10pm, Sky Atlantic

Holmes and Watson race to find a woman who has been held captive for years. Joan is frustrated when Shinwell refuses to focus on his informant training.
Tuesday 21st February, 9pm, Sky Living

Lithuanian billionaire Marius Loukauskis gets linked to the case, being suspected of leading an international human trafficking and slavery network. However, much to the team’s frustration, he proves legally untouchable.
Friday 24th February, 9pm, More4

6 The Brokenwood Mysteries *NEW UK PREMIERE SERIES*
Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd is sent to the New Zealand town of Brokenwood to investigate the death of a farmer, after his body is found by two local fishermen. As he uncovers a family’s tragedies and secrets, he also learns that Brokenwood is a place where shadows lurk just beneath the surface.
Friday 24th February, 8pm, Drama

7 Murdoch Mysteries *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Two witnesses about to testify at a murder trial are shot, and Murdoch and Crabtree struggle to protect the third witness as he fails to grasp the risk to his life.
Monday 20th February, 9pm, Alibi

8 Stan Lee’s Lucky Man *NEW UK PREMIERE SERIES*
Six months after he rescued wife Anna and daughter Daisy from death at the hands of Golding, London cop Harry Clayton is a very different man. Eager to win back his family, he hasn’t laid a bet in 186 days and has also sworn off the powers of his ancient bracelet. However, it appears other forces are at work when Harry meets the mysterious Isabella, who is wearing a bracelet identical to his.
Friday 24th February, 9pm, Sky1

The Saint Marie mayoral elections are thrown into disarray when one of the candidates is stabbed to death in the polling booth while casting his vote. Can Irish detective Jack Mooney and his team get to the bottom of this political puzzle?
Thursday 23rd February, 9pm, BBC1

10 Inspector Morse
A homicidal rapist escapes from prison and embarks on a deadly game of cat and mouse with Morse, relying on his mastery of disguise and bizarre occult connections to stay one step ahead of the law. Only the madman’s psychiatrist seems able to provide a lead as to his whereabouts – and her life is in mortal danger as a result.
Monday 20th February, 9pm, ITV3



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  1. Sara Latham says:

    Ooh a bit thin this week for me, now that No Offence, Unforgotten (and almost Taboo) are done. Might get a bit of a life in for a change!


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