BBC confirms Follow The Money 2 transmission date


15041762-nbvBBC4 has been a bit quiet on the crime front so far this year, with only repeats of The Young Montalbano occupying the Saturday-night slot so far. But from early March the channel goes back to doing what it does best on Saturday nights – Scandinavian crime drama. The first Scandi noir output for 2017 is series two of Danish yarn, Follow The Money, which proved to be a hit first time around.

In series one, a body was found in the water near a wind farm, and detective Mads Justesen (Thomas Bo Larsen) is charged with investigating what seems to be an accident. The victim worked at Energreen, one of the most successful energy companies in Denmark lead by charismatic CEO Alexander Sodergren. So that first series was part procedural, part financial thriller.

In series two, a seemingly trivial case of a small carpentry business that has gone bankrupt under mysterious circumstances gets Mads’s attention. Claudia (Natalie Madueño) is released after one and a half years in prison but her son is in Paris, and the only work she can find is at a coffee shop. But then she gets a visit from Energreen’s old chairman, Mr Christensen. Nicky and Bimse still has the auto repair shop – but on the side, Nicky has become an apprentice to the Swede, “P”.

Look out for it…

Follow The Money 2: Saturday 4th March, 9pm, BBC4


4 thoughts on “BBC confirms Follow The Money 2 transmission date

    • Charlotte Carling

      Hi Sara, If that was in reply to me, by “this series” I meant this second instalment. Danish reviews were not overly enthusiastic about the sequel. Without going into spoiler territory, I would say that the crime plot isn’t as good as in the first series and I think that without Nikolaj Lie Kaas as Alexander Sødergren there is a void that isn’t successfully filled. Obviousy there are new characters but not a single one that carries as much of the series as he did the first time round. Nevertheless, the Nicky story line is amped-up and Evil Swede is still Evil Swede. Mads is still a bit rogue in his policing and Alf tries to do things more by the book.


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