Walter Presents confirms transmission date for German crime drama, Nick’s Law

nicks_law_ep3_-_nick_pointing_gunIt really is all happening at the moment, Brian. The addition of Walter Presents to the outlets that carry crime drama has been a real boon, and the Channel 4-affiliated streaming service (soon to launch in the US) has brought us delights from countries like France, Holland, Belgium, Argentina, Brazil and Germany. In fact, German crime drama is a real burgeoning cauldron of good stuff at the moment, and the imports continue with a new crime drama set in Frankfurt, starting next week.

German star and Hollywood actor, Til Schweiger (Inglorious Basterds) stars in Nick’s Law (which kind of sounds like a Cockney crime drama if you didn’t know it comes from Germany). Schweiger plays lone-wolf detective Nick Tschiller in four-part new series, which broke ratings records when it launched in Germany with the best rating in 20 years in the renowned Tatort crime strand.

The story: Moving his family to Hamburg, Tschiller is hoping for a fresh start when he takes up his new role at LKA, the State Criminal Investigation Department, but it doesn’t take long before his all-guns- blazing approach to law enforcement lands him in trouble with the District Attorney Hannah Lennerts (played by Edita Malovcic). Drawn to the most disturbing and unsettling cases, Nick and his new partner Yalcin Gümer (played by Fahri Yardim) find themselves charged with taking down the notorious Astan clan who control Hamburg’s shady underworld. While his work life plunges him deep into the world of violent crime, his home life is also escalating out of control as his marriage teeters at breaking point.

Sounds good, and it’s only four episodes!

Nick’s Law: From Friday 3rd March, All4/Walter Presents




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  1. David Anderson says:

    Nick’s Law doesn’t show up under the All4 catch up listings on Sky. Is this just a temporary problem or are Sky customers excluded from all transmissions of this series?


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