Review: Fortitude (S2 E6/10), Thursday 2nd March, Sky Atlantic

Dennis_Quaid__Michelle_Fairley_and_Ken_Stott_join_cast_of_Fortitude_series_2Now that Munk has been unveiled as a dyed-in-the-wool villain, we can’t help thinking he’s next for the chop – but who will get to him first? The blind hunter, the barmy shaman, or his mysterious (and presumably Russian) masters?

NB: There be spoilers in the ice

After last week’s horrendous slaughter of the creepy bartender Tomak, it would be hard to think of any possible event which might be more shocking, but we reckon Munk has it coming. A clue to his fate might lie in the fact that the ice roads are being undermined by hot springs – a fact jovial giant Lars has to explain to Munk, meanwhile reminding him just how many murders he has to solve. Does Lars know a bit more than he’s letting on?

Whatever, the escape of Elena has Munk and Khatri in a panic, particularly since, as Munk poetically puts it, Fortitude is a ‘powderkeg of well-armed drunks.’ It doesn’t help that Eric won’t listen to Hildur about her suspicions of Munk’s corruption. Come on Eric, be a bit professional – just because your wife doesn’t love you doesn’t mean that you can’t work together to save the township.

Michael’s presentation of the evidence from Vukobejina doesn’t have the dramatic effects he’d hoped for, so we reckon he’s going to set off for the Russian weather station in search of the magic of tissue regeneration – a secret we know Khatri is close to anyway. But without Elena, there’s no evidence, and the increasingly blotto Petra isn’t in a fit state to bring her in for questioning. However, even a drunken Petra and a demented Dan add up to a better detective then Eric, and maybe the two working together on Petra’s shamanic theories can predict the next move of the killer.

Vladek seems increasingly unstable, hiding out in an abandoned mine, talking to Hindemith’s severed head and going on about his demon – evidently not Tomak, who Vladek killed. If all this is taken for granted, and there is a demon on the loose, the only remaining mystery is who Munk and Khatri are taking orders from, and why they killed Bianca.

Dan explains to Elena how he chained himself up and drank himself insensible to drive out the wasp larvae in his body; but did he also eliminate the voices that drove the other victims berserk?

Eric and Hildur have a heart-to-heart and sort out their personal problems – actually, no they don’t, they have an awkward conversation, throw things at each other and have an enormous fight. But still, Hildur can’t let go and express her emotions – what is it about the woman that makes her so repressed? It’s enough to make you sympathise with the long-suffering Eric, though he’s no shining example of emotional self-awareness himself.

Faced with Eric’s refusal to consider her suspicions of Munk, Hildur sets up a sting, meeting him at the cement factory. Munk – who we didn’t have down as a prog-rock fan – is listening to Yes as Hildur reveals what she knows – but to our unutterable horror, it’s she who goes into the ice-hole after a tussle. Can she possibly survive? The impossible has been known to happen in Fortitude, but this would be stretching things to breaking point.

Chris Jenkins

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Sharon says:

    There was no evidence Dan was stung by the wasps. I know he’s implying that he was, but…

    Did we ever find out if young Carrie (the girl Elena attacked) died from her injuries? One assumes, but the show hasn’t bothered to tell us.

    I was holding out hope that getting Elena back would bring Dan out of his madness, but no. He’s finally, finally getting his heart’s desire, but he’s still acting inhuman. Last season’s Dan would be behaving very differently with Elena.

    I was completely shocked by Hildur’s departure, but I guess I shouldn’t have been. :(


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