Review: SS-GB (S1 E3/5), Sunday 5th March, BBC1



Programme Name: SS-GB - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 3) - Picture Shows: Detective Superintendent Douglas Archer (SAM RILEY) - (C) Sid Gentle Films Ltd - Photographer: Laurie Sparham

(C) Sid Gentle Films Ltd – Photographer: Laurie Sparham

After last week’s episode finale, where young PC Jimmy Dunn was found dead in Archer’s old family house, murdered by the Resistance, it was clear that our dashing detective of The Yard was being severely tested. On the one hand he was working closely with ruthless SS man Huth and was expected to report to him on any developments in the Spode murder case, while on the other the Resistance also wanted Archer on their side. And they were willing to kill to ensure his loyalty. So Archer was slap-bang in the middle of two ruthless factions, not sure where to turn and not liking one bit of it.

NB: Spoilers inside
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