Review: Fortitude (S2 E7/10), Thursday 9th March, Sky Atlantic

We’re still reeling from the apparent death of Hildur, but perhaps the saddest part of the tragedy is that no-one has yet realised that she’s gone – having argued with Eric, she had effectively cut herself off from the community, and now if Fortitude can survive, it will have to do so without her.

NB: Spoilers inside

The last we saw of Hildur was a remarkably expressive image of her icy face – not frozen in panic or fear, but placid and in apparent resignation, perhaps with a little disapproval at the manner of her death. For Hildur to die at the hands of Munk is a final humiliation, the corrupt and time-servicing bureaucrat triumphing over the person who cared most about Fortitude. The drunken Munk realises that he may even be able to pin the crime on Eric, which would kill two birds with one stone.

Despite tying barman Tomak to a historic assassination, Eric and the poilcewomen seem no closer to solving the murders in Fortitude. Eric even questions Freya, but about all the wrong things – so it’s handy that Vladek as much as confesses to Dan. But Vladek’s accusation that Dan is becoming the demon he seeks seems to lack evidence, until Dan turns on Elena and crushes her to death – something our Dan could never do. So what evil force has taken over his body?

Michael, meanwhile, investigating the Russian catastrophe, is undertaking what must be the most ill-starred expedition ever, accompanied by the dopey Rune and his crazy girlfriend Yeva, and with a Magnum in his pocket (the gun, not the ice-cream). It has to be said that the sight of the snowmobiles ploughing through the glacial landscape makes for exciting television, and not something you’re likely to see in the average episode of Scott & Bailey. But what happened to Michael’s perfectly good rifle, surely a much better protection against marauding bears?

Turns out the Magnum is needed to kill a crazed, one-eyed Russian soldier who attacks Michael. He, ever the gentlemen, proposes to take the corpse back to Fortitude, surely a huge mistake. If what he was looking for in the weather station has infected the soldier, better the body stays where it lies.

Natalie’s finally caught on to the fact that Khatri is up to something sinister, but she’s lost the trust of Vincent, so unfortunately she confides in Munk, who of course warns Khatri. But what can the unholy twosome do to shut Natalie up, other than bump her off?

As Hildur’s body is found floating in the bay, and is recovered by Dan in a superhuman (or non-human?) effort, we are left to reflect that with two of the major female characters dead, one dying, one drunk, and one in mortal danger, Fortitude is turning into a dangerous place for women.

So surely not even the Frankensteinian efforts of Khatri could bring Hildur or Elena back from the dead? Well, Dan’s been there and back, but isn’t in a good way; and Elena’s been revivified before, so surely she doesn’t get another chance. But if there’s any way we could have Hildur back, we’d go for it – she was the icy heart of Fortitude, and without her, it’s hard to see how ineffectual Eric or crazy Vladek are going to avert the coming catastrophe.

Chris Jenkins

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  1. Sharon says:

    Ok, so what did demon Dan hope to accomplish by retrieving Hildur’s body? To make him seem heroic and trick more people?
    And Dan has certainly proven Billy Pettigrew’s nasty remark from last season to be prophetic: Dan really did destroy Elena. (And why would she be so foolish as to confront him while she was in such a vulnerable state?)

    Dan is one of my favorite characters ever, and it makes me sick what Simon Donald has done with him.


    1. Dorothy Mantooth says:

      I think there’s still some Dan in “Dan,” and that’s who retrieved Hildur’s body. And I’m not sure Elena won’t be revived again; isn’t that the whole point of the experiments, the “tissue regeneration?” Maybe Vladek even told her, in the Land of the Dead, that she should confront him, to test him (that’s pure speculation, of course). But if that’s not the case, then yeah, she was dumb to confront him like that.

      And I agree, I loved Dan, so I’m sad to see what’s happened to him. My husband and I are really surprised by how different the show is this season; we don’t dislike it, but it’s not the Fortitude we watched last year.


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