Filming begins on series two of The Frankenstein Chronicles

Sean Bean’s The Frankenstein Chronicles came in at number 12 in our Top 15 list in 2015, and we knew that the horror/crime mash-up would be getting a second series. Bean starred as tormented river policemanJohn Marlott in late Georgian London, who got himself involved with Mary Shelley and her Frankenstein story. New details have emerged about filming schedules for the second series.

The new six-part drama series sees Bean return as John Marlott – no longer a mere mortal, Marlott’s purpose is to seek revenge on Lord Daniel Hervey for taking his life, and to redeem his soul after being wrongly convicted and hanged for murder. (What’s interesting here is that Marlott is being billed ‘no longer a mere mortal’. What has happened to him?)

Set in 1830s London, Marlott must operate outside the law as he comes up against dark forces in high society and in the dangerous slums of the over-crowded capital. In his pursuit of Hervey, Marlott takes on the establishment in the form of Robert Peel’s newly formed Police force and the Church. In the darkest corners of Georgian London, Marlott acts as a defender of the poor and destitute as he fights to clear his name and bring Hervey to justice.

Cast joining Sean Bean includes Laurence Fox, Ed Stoppard, Maeve Dermody and Richie Campbell. Robbie Gee, Ryan Sampson, Tom Ward and Vanessa Kirby will also return. There’s no word on whether Anna Maxwell Martin will return as Mary Shelley.

Filming has now begun in Northern Ireland. Hopefully this might appear later in the year or early 2018.



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