Fargo releases new series three trailer; Ewan McGregor talks playing dual roles

What a treat for a grey, drizzly Monday morning (spring my arse) – Fargo has released a batch of new little teasers that warm the heart, raise a chuckle and whet the appetite for the imminent series three. And what delicious little treats they are. Fargo and its home network in the US – FX – do such a fantastic job of producing these little teasers, which are almost like little Fargo episodes in themselves. They show the Fargo world and give us what the show does best by mixing the macabre with the farcical. They’re brilliant, and they’re after the jump.

Without further ado, feast your eyes on these…

Unfathomable pinheadery. I like the sound of that. Indeed, I like – no, love – the look of series three. Carrie Coon (whose little clip with the automatic door made me guffaw like a loon) looks the part as Gloria Burgle, our new Molly Solverson and Marge Gunderson. Elsewhere, we get our first look at David Thewlis (“you’re trappped”), Michael Stuhlberg and, of course, Ewan McGregor, who plays brothers Emmit and Ray Stussy – one all tight perms and nefarious grin, the other a balding loser respectively. (One thing seems to be apparent throughout the trailers and the promo artwork that has done the rounds – stamps play an important part of the story.)

Indeed McGregor has spoken to USA Today about playing dual roles. “There was not one paparazzi shot, not one fan shot that ended up online. Because no one knew it was me. That’s amazing. I didn’t want anyone to know until they were ready to reveal Ray, I didn’t want anyone to spoil it. It’s just great. I love Ray very much and I think people will enjoy him.”

I don’t think there’s any danger of that, Ewan.

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6 thoughts on “Fargo releases new series three trailer; Ewan McGregor talks playing dual roles”

  1. It’s always winter in Fargo, isn’t it…… Looking forward to it. There are lots of interesting characters as usual.


  2. Thanks for those. Very nice. Cannot wait for this. The quality of the first 2 seasons was just unbelievable. Some of those episodes were hitting 9.6 ratings on IMBD. Nearly as high as breaking bad. (pun intended…) :)


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