Deadwood creator brought in for series three of True Detective


As long-time readers of this site will know, the very first series of True Detective won our inaugural award for best crime drama of the year. In fact, you could argue that it was the show inspired me to sit down and start this site. Series two, as everyone knows, wasn’t anywhere near as good as the first series, and that lukewarm critical and viewer response meant that Nic Pizzolatto’s show was put on gardening leave by is US network, HBO. Until now.

News surfaced a few days ago that Deadwood creator David Milch had been drafted in to help Pizzolatto with a third series.

Here’s what Variety had to say about it:

Milch has been recruited to help “True Detective” creator Nic Pizzolatto chart the course for the third installment of the anthology series.

Sources cautioned that Milch and Pizzolatto’s collaboration is in the very early stages. Milch is a renowned writer, but also known for his unconventional working style. HBO likely felt his experience would be a good fit with Pizzolatto, who impressed with the first season of “True Detective” but struggled with the second installment. He’s said to have settled on a concept for Season 3 and has been working on scripts.

While this exciting news – Milch’s Deadwood was one of the stand-out shows from the Noughties when HBO began to rule the (air)waves – HBO has not only declined to comment, but also has not confirmed any new series.

What we do know is that several episodes have been written, and that the development stage is a go. It’s just a case of whether HBO greenlights and puts its weight behind it.

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2 thoughts on “Deadwood creator brought in for series three of True Detective

  1. Simplicius

    True Detective 1 was probably the most memorable fiction series I have ever watched on TV, and that despite the overdose of Cohle’s sophomoric ramblings on nihilism. TD2 was a letdown, but mostly because it was measured up against TD1 – it was actually a pretty good series, and came in for a lot of mostly undeserved stick which was in the end enough to sink the entire project. I recently watched both series again all the way through, and they both held up extremely well.

    If true, this is excellent news; TD and Pizzolatto deserve another chance to show what they can do. Perhaps the answer is to go back to the original protagonists, since clearly some of the venom reserved for TD2 stemmed from the absence of McConaughey & Harrelson – understandably so, in a way, given their brilliant performance.


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