Finnish drama Bordertown starts on Netflix: will you be watching?


The proliferation of foreign-language crime drama is widespread these days – it seems not a day goes by without a new series starting on either Walter Presents, Channel 4 or the BBC. And, in this case, Netflix. The global, streaming behemoth springs these little surprises on us from time to time, and Bordertown is one such surprise. A Finnish drama, I wondered when it would make its way to these shores. Finally, the day is here.

Bordertown is an 11-part series, which tells the story of Detective Inspector Kari Sorjonen, who is one of the most respected officers at the National Bureau of Investigation in Finland. When his wife barely survives brain cancer, Sorjonen decides to take his family to an idyllic small town near the border of Russia, to live a quiet peaceful life. Lappeenranta is an area of Finland called Karelia, which was hotly contested during the Winter War of 1939, when the Russians came steaming in. There’s a lot of simmering, historical bad blood in this region, still.

Anyway… the fact that this is a crime drama means that Sarjonen does not get the quiet life he was looking for. The crimes Sorjonen is now thrust into the middle of in this idyllic border region have a greater emotional and personal impact than anything he has encountered before. The related threats soon turn up on Kari’s doorstep.

It stars Ville Virtanen, Matleena Kuusniemi, Olivia Ainali, Anu Sinisalo and Lenita Susi.

Here’s a Finnish-language trailer, which at least gives us a flavour:


Bordertown: 31st March, Netflix


19 thoughts on “Finnish drama Bordertown starts on Netflix: will you be watching?

    • Junie

      This series does have subtitles but I think they are very well done. The sentences are not terribly long and they keep up with the action. Also, the subtitles remain on the screen with plenty of time to read. I’m really enjoying this series. The characters are interesting and the acting is great. I only have 2 episodes left and already wishing there were more!


      • Seija

        Nice to hear that you like the series, Junie :). Series 2 is under development I read, and according to some sources filming starts in Lappeenranta in August 2017? So maybe we will see series 2 some time in 2018 here in Finland, but when on Netflix I have no clue.


  1. Pat Ginocchio

    I like the series and to the other guy the not all the world speaks English .Could it be dubbed in with English ? I don t mind reading along but my husband is lazy ….. I love detective and police drama s from other Countries they are more than ready to give you more of a harder story line than we get in the States . Wishing for more of the same !


  2. Marco

    Looks good but I rather watch a show in English than reading and watching. Netflix should know better to put it in English especially if they’re playing it in Canada….


      • ron dourian

        I totally agree. Love this show just as it is. Oh yes, I am 70 years and live in the American Rockies. Hopefully there will be another season.


  3. Harvey

    How remarkably pathetic to be focusing on and quibbling about subtitles versus commenting on the remarkable quality of this series and its actors. Im on the last of the 11 episodes and Im hoping for more seasons.

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  4. shirsee

    Just finished watching the first season. I’m very glad it is captioned or I wouldn’t be watching it. I’m hearing impaired and need captions no matter what the language. Actually, the captions are very well done here and I find I have plenty of time to read them and look at what is going on also.


    • Seija

      You make a good point there, Shirsee! Even as a person without a hearing impairment I often find myself wishing for subtitles in some of the Finnish film or tv series, because the sound recording is bad or the actors talk too quietly or unclearly. And the same goes for some English speaking tv/films even if I think my understanding of the language is above the average foreign language learner. In case of the English speaking programmes/films it is also often a question of dialects and slangwords, though.


  5. I gave up on this after the second episode, somehow it just didn’t grab me although I thought it should as it is my kind of thing.

    I searched around for something else and came across this I am partial to French stuff and it’s on location in Paris. It’s not earth shatteringly original, but I really liked the characters and I’d recommend it :)


  6. Neil

    They do a good job of keeping the sub titles in sync withthe
    Dialog. Listening to the cadence and inflection of the dialogue with the sub titles adds to the enjoyment of watching the series. I am so engrossed in the subtitles that I almost miss the spoken english that sometimes occurs.


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