SVT names New Year’s Day transmission date for The Bridge IV; no word from UK yet; first photograph revealed


Wouldn’t you just bloody know it? It was my birthday when this news broke and I was out and about doing birthday-like things, so I was away from the computer and missed the news that the much-anticipated fourth – and last – series of The Bridge will indeed transmit in 2018 (my prediction that we’d see it in 2017 was off, but just by one day!) in an event-like slot on an event-like day in its native Sweden.

Various news outlets carried this quote, from Anna Croneman, head of drama at the show’s home network, SVT: “I can confirm that The Bridge season four will premiere on New Year’s Day. The reason we’ll air it at that moment is because we obviously want to give all the fans and viewers a nice present while they’re sitting on their sofa on New Year’s Day. It will be a brilliant final series, really something to look forward to.”

Joining SVT in the decidedly Sherlockian transmission date is Danish national broadcaster DR1 and, thanks to our reader Seija, we can add Finland’s YLE network, who will also show the series on 1st January. Norway’s NRK is yet to decide, while our very own BBC – whose BBC4 show the series – would not comment on this story.

Because previous series have been shown on Saturdays – and 1st January 2018 falls on a Monday – can we speculate that Saturday 6th January will be the earliest date BBC4 will show series four? Why not. Let’s go with that for now.

What has surfaced though is this photograph, which, judging by the caption it was carrying (unseen here), was taken this year and is from series four. I’m assuming that is the first image from the series to be released by STV.

What we know about the series so far (no plot gossip has been discussed online so far) is that Sofia Helin and Thure Lindhart are back as Saga Noren and Henrik Sabroe in an eight-episode series (two less than in previous series). Action will, again contrary to the previous three series, mostly be based in Denmark. And, before you ask, there is no word on whether Kim Bodnia will return as Martin Rohde in any way shape or form.

In an interview with Sydsvenskan, line producer Thomas Nilsson, was quizzed about Bodnia and other actors who may or may not being appearing in series four. He said: “SVT has asked [cyors] to wait before putting his participation in The Bridge on his résumé.”

He also added that the story will take place over one week, and they’re trying to figure out how to film in both winter and spring: “We are grappling with how to solve that we play here in two different seasons.”

What else have we got? The show’s Instagram feed is always an interesting follow, and it posted up this image of Saga in silhouette, in what looks like a special effects shot of some kind.


And this was taken two weeks ago from the writers room, with Hans Rosenfeldt and his team working on the final episode.

Our Charlotte has also been on the case for us, and told me that Sofia Helin was a guest on talkshow Skavlan last Friday, where she chatted about fronting a new three-part documentary series about suicide with co-host Anne Lundberg. (Emma Thompson was also on.) Sofia is also, lest we forget, starring in the hit German, 1970s-set series The Same Sky, which has been picked up for broadcast in English-language territories by Netflix.

Meanwhile, Thure Lindhardt has also been busy – he fronts a DR documentary series about torture. In the first two episodes (of four) he travels to Cambodia to investigate and understand what took place during the reign of the Khmer Rouge.


So there we have it. More news as I get it…

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Seija says:

    Hans Rosenfeldt has revealed in an interview that series 4 will pick up the story where it ended in series 3, when Saga and Henrik drove off to Denmark (over the trademark bridge between Sweden and Denmark) to find out what had happened to Henrik’s daughters. That mystery will be answered, but there is also another crime that will again involve both Denmark and Sweden. The introduction to that story is presumagly going to be “very nasty, extremely offensive”, according to Hans Rosenfeldt.


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Thanks Seija! Will put something up now. Watched the first three eps of Sorjonen last night – review coming!


  2. Charlotte Carling says:

    I think that looks like Maria Kulle in the background so boss Linn Björkman is still at Länskrim Malmö. Good, I like her. And she’s one of the few characters that actually speak Scanian in The Bridge.


  3. Pat says:

    Can’t wait, but also love to see a new series of Spiral😊😊😊


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