Channel 4 confirms Born To Kill transmission date

We’ve known for a little while that Channel 4 had another short-running crime series in the offing, but Channel 4 being Channel 4,  this wasn’t going to be your ordinary crime drama. After the success of the topical and harrowing National Treasure last year, the channel has hired writers Tracey Malone (one half of the team who adapted Rillington Place for the BBC and is a current rising star in the industry) and Kate Ashfield (an excellent actress, who you may remember from things like series one of Line Of Duty and the movie Shaun Of The Dead) for a chilling new four-part drama, Born To Kill. And now the channel has announced its transmission date.

Born To Kill is made by World Productions, the production company behind Line Of Duty, and it covers a subject that’s both potentially controversial and shiver-inducing – teenage psychopathy. Sam (Jack Rowan) appears to be a model teenager: he’s an affectionate son to single mum Jenny (Romola Garai) and stands up to bullies at school. But Jenny is protecting him from a dark secret, and when new girl Chrissy (Lara Peake) arrives in town, Sam’s suppressed violent desires start to emerge. With Bill (Daniel Mayes) as Chrissy’s dad, these two teens form an internecine relationship.

If the first episode is anything to go by, it’ll be well worth a watch. Stand by for a First Look piece next week.

In the meantime, here’s a trailer:

Born To Kill: Thursday 20th April, 9pm, Channel 4

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