Filming begins on 20th series of Midsomer Murders

Filming began this month on the 20th anniversary series of the UK’s longest running contemporary detective drama, ITV’s Midsomer Murders. Neil Dudgeon returns to play DCI John Barnaby for his seventh year in the role and Nick Hendrix is back as DS Jamie Winter. More details about this hardy perennial after the jump!

Review: Prime Suspect 1973 (S1 E6/6), Thursday 6th April, ITV

The fact that the opening of wunderkind Mike Oldfield’s 1973 debut Tubular Bells starts this finale merely points up that this tune is remembered by many for featuring in director William Friedkin’s outstanding and genre-busting horror film The Exorcist (released the same year). It also launched the career of a certain Richard Branson, as it…