Filming begins on 20th series of Midsomer Murders


Filming began this month on the 20th anniversary series of the UK’s longest running contemporary detective drama, ITV’s Midsomer Murders. Neil Dudgeon returns to play DCI John Barnaby for his seventh year in the role and Nick Hendrix is back as DS Jamie Winter. More details about this hardy perennial after the jump!

Joining the team this series will be redoubtable new pathologist, Dr Fleur Perkins, played by Annette Badland (EastEnders, Outlander) who will assist Barnaby and Winter in their pursuit of justice in the picturesque but deadly countryside of Midsomer.

On joining the popular drama, Annette says “I have always enjoyed living dangerously so arriving at Midsomer is thrilling! In truth I’m delighted to be involved in the twentieth series of Midsomer Murders and to work alongside and be part of this creative team. I hope Fleur can assist Barnaby in maintaining his high success rate of crime detection. She is very good at her job.”

Also returning this series is Fiona Dolman as Sarah Barnaby followed closely by Paddy the dog as the Barnabys’ faithful canine companion. Guest casting will be announced at a later date.

Midsomer normally comes back in the first week of January, and there’s no reason to suggest this won’t be the case for this landmark 20th series.


5 thoughts on “Filming begins on 20th series of Midsomer Murders

  1. I first saw Annette Badland as Gladys the maid in Pocketful of Rye (Hickson, of course). She was brilliant as a young actress and I’m very excited to learn she will be a regular on one of my favorite shows.


  2. Elizabeth A Buys

    I love Midsomer murders. So looking forward to the series 20. I have just finished watching all series for the second time. Exceptual acting and programming!


  3. LSnyder

    Hopefully they will film SEVERAL shows for the 20th season. Last year was a real disappointment with only 4! Come on, we love our Midsomer!


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