The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 10th – Sunday 16th April)


(c) Colin Hutton

Both British heavyweights, Line Of Duty and Broadchurch, continue to rumble on this week, as does Hinterland and Midnight Sun. The biggest new thing of the week is the Easter special of Maigret on ITV – Night At The Crossroads – which should give is something if we should need it on the holiday. Other than that, it’s as you were this week. Enjoy!

Nick Huntley is brought in for questioning by AC-12, but denies any involvement in Steve’s attack. However, the interrogation leads him to question how honest his wife has been with him.
Sunday 16th April, 9pm, BBC1

Important pieces of evidence coming to light against all the key suspects in the rape of Trish Winterman. Ellie and Hardy can feel the vice tightening on the culprit and know that the case will crack open soon.
Monday 10th April, 9pm, ITV

Laura Dean, a curator, is discovered in a shallow grave in remote woodland. Mathias and his team must delve into the young victim’s life to unearth some shocking secrets. Meanwhile, Prosser – still reeling from the death of Iwan Thomas – calls on the help of retired Chief Inspector Robert Owen.
Wednesday 12th April, 9pm, BBC Wales

The final name on the most recent note matches that of a murder victim in Stockholm, and Kahina recognises a voice from her recent assault.
Wednesday 12th April, 10pm, Sky Atlantic

The detective interrogates a mysterious Dane who has been caught with the dead body of a diamond dealer in his car, and who proves entirely resistant to his questioning. Maigret is convinced his suspect’s sister may know something, but soon discovers that everyone in the small rural town where they live is hiding something.
Sunday 16th April, 8pm, ITV

Sherlock and Joan question how well they know Shinwell when they investigate his role in the unsolved murder of his friend.
Tuesday 11th April, 9pm, Sky Living

7 Stan Lee’s Lucky Man *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Isabella begins a relationship with a member of the team as she puts a new plan into action, while Harry crosses a line when London’s most-wanted criminals are killed one at a time.
Friday 14th April, 9pm, Sky1

8 Murdoch Mysteries *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
A woman is killed by a bomb and the victim turns out to be Mrs Muriel Bruce, the apparent ringleader in Detective Watts’s missing persons case.
Monday 10th April, 9pm, Alibi

9 The Bletchley Circle
Second series of the period crime drama, starring Anna Maxwell Martin. Susan, Millie, Jean and Lucy have returned to their normal lives, but when Susan identifies a hidden pattern in a series of murders, she enlists the help of her former colleagues to crack the case.
Thursday 13th April, 9pm, ITV3

10 The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher
The very first episode. Inspector Jack Whicher is part of the newly formed Scotland Yard detective department and travels to Rode, Wiltshire, to investigate a murder at a country house. With no material evidence and only an inept local police force to help, he faces the unenviable task of solving a case in which members of the grieving family are the main suspects.
Monday 10th April, 9pm, ITV3



9 thoughts on “The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 10th – Sunday 16th April)

  1. Charlotte Carling

    I’m looking forward to the second Department Q film this Saturday on BBC4. Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Fares Fares make for a good detective duo.


      • Charlotte Carling

        I’ve not read the book so I wouldn’t know if the film lived up to it or not. Will have to take your word for it on that. Maybe I’ve just got a particular hankering for Danish stuff as it’s been a while. I watched Follow the Money 2 last autumn but wasn’t enamored. I meant to catch up with Those Who Kill from a couple of years back but never got round to it. For me Department Q was quite good, especially Fares Fares character.


  2. It’s always a bit different when you’ve read the book first, total fluke on my part. I wasn’t over keen on Those who Kill either (fussy aren’t I), I think there is so much good stuff (The Bridge etc.) that anything not quite so good seems very mediocre.


    • Charlotte Carling

      You should be fussy! No point watching stuff you don’t enjoy and there’s plenty out there to pick and choose from. (I’m very curious to see what The Bridge 4 will be like next year, can’t wait.)


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