Review: Line Of Duty (S4 E4/6), Sunday 16th April, BBC1


Talk about a cliffhanger – Steve’s attack by Balaclava Man and subsequent plunge down a stairwell must count as one of the most shocking moments in modern drama. What’s the betting we’re kept hanging for ages before we discover whether he lives, or dies?

NB: Spoilers ahoy!

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Review: Maigret’s Night At The Crossroads, Sunday 16th April, ITV


You know it’s holiday season in the UK when ITV wheels out another Maigret, this new adaptation quickly becoming synonymous¬†with Christmas, Easter and all the rest. We’ve had two new Maigret films with Rowan Atkinson at the helm now, each one slowly and shakily better than the last. But still, in a modern age where the likes of Line Of Duty – on more or less at the same time on the other channel – tearing a new hole in the patchwork of crime drama, Maigret still feels like a stick-in-the-mud. Some may well argue Maigret is reassuringly Golden Age and familiar in its template, like putting on a favourite pair of slippers, and if you subscribe to that argument there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that – there’s room for all sorts of crime drama in its great panoply – I just wish there was more oomph to this adaptation. I’ve made this argument before, but there were signs in this feature-length episode of improvement.

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