Borgen actor Mikael Birkkjær joins series four of The Bridge

The Bridge is currently filming in Sweden and Denmark and it’s very exciting really – we’re starting to get little drips of news filtering through from the set as the show gears up for its New Year’s Day transmission day (in northern Europe and the Nordic regions, at least). The news today is that Danish actor Mikael Birkkjær – who we all know and love from shows like The Killing and Borgen – has joined the cast of series four.

There’s no news yet on the name of the character Birkkjær will play in series four or how he’ll fit in, but a cursory glance at IMDB reveals that he’s down for just one episode. But, of course, that kind of stuff can be misleading.

Nordisk Film & TV Fond also reports that another Danish actress – Fanny Leander Bornedal (pictured left) – has also joined the cast for a series that is set to see an increased amount of on-screen time in Denmark. According to the Copenhagen Film Fund, a larger part of the story written by Hans Rosenfeldt and Camilla Ahlgren takes place in Copenhagen and more Danish crew workers are attached than in previous seasons. Add to this the fact that Copenhagen Film Fun has ploughed in a load of dough, and series four is shaping up to be more of a Danish story than a Swedish one.

We’ll see.

The fourth series of The Bridge will once again see the return of Sofia Helin’s Saga Norén and Thure Lindhardt’s Danish detective Henrik Sabroe.

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  1. Gina Purcell says:

    Wow! Mikail Birkkjær in The Bridge! Can’t wait! There seems to be a total lockdown on info coming from the set, compared to previous seasons. My ideal take on this is: Kim Bodnia is on-board. Why? Martin, whilst doing porridge, overhears a fellow inmate mention a name in connection with the disappearance of his former colleague’s (Henrik Sabroe) family, so he reaches out to Saga. This seems a plausible way to rope Martin into the Grand Finale. Wrong? Most likely… but I live in hope!

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  2. Dawn Evans says:

    The Bridge owes me sleep!! LOL It, for me, is the BEST TV series EVER! The main character is like we have NEVER seen before! I truly can’t wait!

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  3. Charlotte Carling says:

    I haven’t been paying close attention recently so it took me just over a month to see that DR mentioned that the plan is for The Bridge IV to premier in 12 countries/regions at the same time: Denmark, Greenland, the Faroes, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Åland, England, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg.

    So, it appears you lot are in on the action from the start. I’d say that’s excellent news!


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Indeed it is! I’ve been meaning to write up a story, but just waiting on confirmation from a few people…


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