Line Of Duty: No return until 2019? US remake on the cards?

There’s a lot of detritus on the ground after the excellent series four finale of Line Of Duty. It’s like going to a music festival and waking up on the Monday morning after a heavy weekend where not everything made sense, but was brilliant all the same; wading through acres of rubbish and seeing fellow festival-goes stagger around bleary-eyed and in a bit of a daze. Line Of Duty is that kind of series: intense, brilliant in places and utterly addictive. So, now series four is done and dusted, here’s a round-up of Line Of Duty news.

Line Of Duty won’t return until 2019
Writer and creator, Jed Mercurio, appeared on the ITV morning show, This Morning, erm, this morning and told presenters Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that, “the earliest I can see it coming back is 2019!” He also added: “I hope it won’t be too long, we are filming the next series next year but it will be in the second half of next year so there is enough time to get the script right and get the cast together.”

Viewers want to find out what happened to Maneet
Actress Maya Sondhi appeared alongside Mercurio on This Morning and said:  “I didn’t know that was coming, that was a massive surprise to me and when I read that episode and got to that scene, when she hands over the stuff, I said ‘Have I seen that right?’ and kept asking Jed ‘Why is she doing this?’

Will Hastings be in trouble in series five?
Mercurio also said on This Morning that Ted might face consequences of shooting dead Balaclava Man: “It could possibly come back and haunt him, only possibly.”

Jed Mercurio wants at least six series
Digital Spy reports that the showrunner, speaking on companion show Beyond the Line of Duty, said that he and the cast are already crossing their fingers for a sixth run. “I’d definitely like to be able to do a sixth series,” he said. “That means we can approach the fifth series knowing that it’s not going to be the last.”

A Ted Hastings parody account appeared on Twitter:

The Line Of Duty four-series box-set is out next week…
Released by Acorn DVD, the eight-disc pack will be released on 8th May. Go here to pre-order.

The finale attracted its highest-ever viewing figures
The Guardian reports that the show’s “sixth and final instalment on Sunday night was viewed by 7.5 million people, according to overnight ratings, nearly a million more than the penultimate episode the previous week – at 6.6 million.”

A US remake is on the cards
The Sun reports this morning that, “It is thought that both Amazon and Netflix have also looked at the show, which finished its fourth series on Sunday night, with an aim of setting it in an American city. An insider said: ‘There’s been a lot of interest with the show – especially recently with the move from BBC1 to BBC2 as a lot more people have watched the last series and caught up with the previous three.’

Vicky McClure posted this lovely image up on Twitter last night…

A Birmingham woman keeps journals on the series…
Line Of Duty is one of those shows that has really captured the British public’s imagination. The Birmingham Mail reports that superfan Rachel Burns keeps journals and theories on all four series, often re-watching episodes three or four times to spot clues. “On the second, third and fourth viewings, you start to watch for bits you might have missed, such as camera shots or the looks that characters give each other.”

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sara Latham says:

    Great stuff….but a US remake? please!!!!!!!!!! How on earth would Ted translate??? I once watched a film numerous times and made notes because I couldn’t get my head around the plot, but I normally watch dramas twice if I have the time and the inclination :)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No! The US tried to remake Life on Mars and Broadchurch and made a hash of both.
      They totally misunderstood that Life on Mars was as much a satire (and really funny) as a cop show and made end it literally on Mars. It was quintessentially a British idea, taking in Bowie’s ultra-British song and TV touchstones such as The Sweeney – its humour & ideas really didn’t translate.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. polishtheday says:

    A US remake in the age of global television? When you can watch the show on Netflix? What a bizarre idea.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. marblex says:

    Attention American TV makers: DO NOT do an Americanized LoD. You will mess it up as always and I would hate to see a fine series like this made into a dog’s breakfast, which is what always happens when Americans try to remake better foreign films/shows. DO NOT DO IT.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Carol Ann says:

    Hey! Some of them have worked out… All in the Family, Dear John, House of Cards, Three’s Company (well, it was good occasionally), The Office, Shameless, Sanford & Son, Dancing with the Stars, What Not to Wear. So there!


    1. marblex says:

      Didn’t like any of the remakes, imho pale in comparison to the orig. I couldn’t stand the hosts of WNTW btw.


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