BBC confirms transmission date for Three Girls

This one’s going to be another tough one to watch, make no mistake. Over the past few months we’ve had two significant dramas that have brought the story of high-profile true stories to the screen (BBC’s The Moorside and ITV’s current Little Boy Blue), and now we have another: the BBC’s Three Girls, which tells the story of three of the children who were victims in the 2012 grooming and sex trafficking case in Rochdale. Now we know when it will air.

We brought you news of this three-part series back in June last year (read the original story here), and what we knew of it at the time was that it would star the ever-brilliant Maxine Peake, Lesley Sharpe, Lisa Riley, Paul Kaye and Jill Halfpenny. Nothing has changed in that respect, but we know a bit more about the storyline (in the context of the drama) and the transmission date.

Holly (Molly Windsor) is new to Rochdale and keen to make friends and fit in. She finds herself drawn into a world she cannot escape, despite her pleas for help. It’s a world that is all too familiar to sexual health worker Sara (Peake), who has been recording and reporting cases of child abuse for years.

The drama will look at the way in which these girls were groomed, how they were ignored by the authorities directly responsible for protecting them, and how they eventually made themselves heard.

Three Girls is made with the full cooperation of the victims and their families, aims to tell the victims’ stories; how they were failed by authorities directly responsible for their protection and how the abuse has impacted on their lives.

It’ll be a hard, but necessary watch.

Look out for it from Tuesday 16th May on BBC One


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