Review: Fargo (S3 E5/10), Wednesday 28th June, Channel 4


After the brilliance of episodes three and four, we were back to relative normality in episode five of Fargo. And I say that with some regret because the weakest part of this story – in my opinion – just happens to be the main part of the story. Yes, we were back to witnessing the ever-disintegrating relationship between Ray and Emmit Stussy, and in this episode, they really did get to the point of no return. Continue reading


Mark Billingham’s In The Dark transmission date confirmed by the BBC


Mark Billingam’s 14 Tom Thorne novels have helped to establish him as one of Britain’s most popular and best-selling writers. Sky’s adaptations of Sleepyhead and Scaredy Cat were a success, but we heard some time ago that two of his stand-alone novels (although they have connections to the Thorne novels) – In The Dark and Rush Of Blood – were to be broadcast by the BBC. Now we know when In The Dark will be appearing. Continue reading

Review: Twin Peaks (S3 E8/19), Tuesday 27th June, Sky Atlantic


The first thing to say about this episode is, “wow”. The second thing to say about this episode is, “wah?” It was that kind of episode. Again. Constantly throughout this third series of Twin Peaks, you think you kind-of-maybe-sort-of-know what’s happening and can perhaps kind-of-maybe-sort-of-predict what might happen. But then all your assumptions are ripped up in the most unexpected, mind-frazzling, dazzling way possible, to the extent you sit there in stony silence wondering what the fuckety-fuck just happened. This was one of those episodes. Continue reading

The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 26th June – Sunday 2nd July)


From what I can see, there’s nothing new starting this week. So that means series like Fargo, Twin Peaks, Ripper Street, Fearless and The Loch rumble on. However, there is one noteworthy thing happening this week – Netflix’s Better Call Saul makes its digital TV debut on AMC this week. A prequel to Breaking Bad, many say it’s one of the best things out there. Enjoy! Continue reading

Review: Fargo (S3 E3&4/10), Wednesday 14th and Wednesday 15th June, Channel 4


 CR: Chris Large/FX

I’ll say it right off the bat: episode three of this third series of Fargo was so good, so head-scratchingly and brilliantly tangential, it helped to breath new life into the series and was easily my favourite episode of the series so far. It was one of those delicious Fargo flights of fancy, a real tangent, and yet it managed to pack in loads of stuff: really interesting philosophical stuff, while being pure procedural. And yet it shouldn’t have worked – or at least, we shouldn’t have cared too much – because it didn’t further the narrative of the tangled web of the Stussy brothers in any way, shape or form. As I said, it should have been a throwaway episode. It so wasn’t. Continue reading