BBC confirms transmission date for series five of Ripper Street


I do enjoy Ripper Street. Yes, it’s a bit stodgy and po-faced at times, but those clothes… that setting! We’ve known for a while that the move to Amazon from a BBC-exclusive show meant that creator Richard Warlow could finish his intended five-series story arc. Even though the fifth and last series has come and gone on Amazon, the BBC has announced the transmission date for the series… and it’s not too far away.

The previous season introduced a new serial killer plaguing the streets of WHhitechapel. Convinced the murderer’s cannibalistic crimes were being covered up by another party, DI Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) and DI Drake’s (Jerome Flynn) investigation pointed to a trail of corruption that led them right to the heart of Scotland Yard – specifically Assistant Commissioner Augustus Dove and his bestial brother Nathaniel Dove. During an attempt to bring down the Dove brothers, DI lost his life to serial killer Nathaniel, forcing Reid Captain Jackson and Long Susan on the run. Finding themselves on the other side of the law, they discovered that revealing the truth about the unlawful siblings was not an easy task.

With a barbarous killer on the loose and a corrupt lawman leading the force, Reid is facing his toughest and most dangerous challenge yet. We’re promised an epic battle and a final quest to restore peace and justice in the East End.

Ripper Street (Series Five): Monday 19th June, BBC2

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