Channel 4 announces new sexual abuse psychological drama


Increasingly, television is dealing with the horrid subject of sexual abuse in ever more interesting, shocking and thought-provoking ways. I can’t think of another worthier and necessary drama this year than the BBC’s Three Girls, which told the story of the Rochdale paedophile ring from the point of view of the survivors. That extraordinary piece was, of course, based on a true story, but there are stories to be told in the fictional arena, too. Now news reaches us that Channel 4 has announced something.

The Truth was created by David Nath – the excellent writer who gave us last year’s thought-provoking and often superb, The Watchmen – and stars Indira Varma, Luke Treadaway and Neil Maskell.

Here’s the juice on the story: when Jo receives an anonymous text message alleging a sexual relationship between her new boyfriend and her daughter, she is plunged into a world of chaos. As the days go on and the insidious doubt creeps in, Jo struggles with her suspicions. Is her daughter indeed acting strangely, or is it all in her head? Just who in her life is telling the truth?

While Jo’s story is fictional, the plot of The Truth is inspired by dozens of real-life cases.

Writer/Director David Nath said: ”Imagine if your partner was randomly accused of sexually abusing one of your children? It’s hard to think of a more toxic allegation yet it happens far more often than we realise. This film explores the consequences of an accusation and how it suddenly makes you question everything you thought about the person you live with.”

More news as we get it…



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