Series two of Jordskott to premiere in Sweden in October

As long-time readers of the site will know, I was a fan of series one of Swedish environmental (or just mental) procedural, Jordskott, when it first hit UK screen in 2015. We’ve known for a while that series two is on its way and that filming had taken place earlier this year. Now we know when series two will premiere in its native Sweden.

Swedish website, Nöja, reports that the eight-episode series two of Henrik Björn’s series will hit Swedish screens on 15th October.

Series one featured the story of police investigator Eva Thörnblad (Moa Gammel), still trying to cope with the grief of her loss of her daughter and the death of her father. In returning to her hometown, Eva encountered tree spirits, black, gunky elixir from the forest and all sorts of crazy shenanigans.

Series two, say Nöja, takes place two years after the events of series one, and “we will get to know her, and understood how she relates to everything that happened to her in the first season. Both her newfound insight that there is something else out there than what is called normal, but also how she handles her trauma with her daughter.”

What you really notice that she has left from last season is the child’s perspective.She is very involved in cases involving children and where you notice that her trauma is still there, but she has transferred it to other children rather than their own.”

Jordskott was ITV Encore’s highest rating show in 2015, so the hope is that the channel will pick it up again for UK broadcast. In the meantime, series two will premiere on SVT and SVT Play in Sweden.

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  1. Sara Latham says:

    This was totally bonkers, but I quite liked it and will certainly watch again.


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