Billy Campbell and Greg Wise join the cast of Modus for series two

Modus, which premiered in the UK just before Christmas 2016, was a good-looking if underwhelming Swedish thriller that investigated the links between a Christian religious fundamentalist group in the US and a nutjob lone operative causing death and destruction in Sweden. Series two is just around the corner, and on top of Kim Cattrell’s addition to the cast (she’s playing the US president), two more American actors have joined the cast.

According to the Nöje website – via our friends – Billy Campbell (who’s currently starring in Canadian series, Cardinal) will play the president’s husband, and Greg Wise will also join the likes of Melinda Kinnaman and Henrik Norlén.

Campbell says: “Dale is the president’s husband and confidant, but their relationship has changed over the years. What binds them together is their daughter and a dark secret that they carried on for years. Filming in Sweden was a fantastic experience. I’ve liked Scandinavia for many years. I’m actually married to a Norwegian, and we live in Denmark now. When I worked with Modus in Stockholm felt like one more piece of the puzzle fell into place.”

The second series of Modus is set to premiere in Sweden in the autumn.

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