Will there be a fourth series of Fargo?

I’m soon to post my review of last night’s fourth episode of Fargo, but in the US the third series is concluded last night (Wednesday 21st). Even though where we are in the UK it hasn’t hit the heights of previous series, there’s still much to enjoy. The talk is now whether showrunner Noah Hawley – who’s a busy boy these days – can and will commit to a fourth series. This week he came out and said some interesting things.

In addition to Fargo, Hawley is showrunner in Legion, and has two films he has to direct.

Deadline reports that Hawley said at the ATX Television Festival: “Right now, I just can’t point to (a production start) date on the calendar. I always agreed with FX that the only reason to do another Fargo is if the creative is there. It took 15 months to get Season 2 off the ground, and 18 months to get Season 3 on the air. I have to turn my attention to the second season of Legion and a film potentially the winter after next. We’re looking at three years from now.”

Elsewhere, Den Of Geek US quoted Hawley from the same seminar: “If an idea comes, we will do another one. I am certainly aware of the danger of overstaying your welcome or repeating yourself.”

This comes after FX president John Landgraf said this recently: There may never be another Fargo. Unless [creator Noah Hawley] has an idea for Fargo that he thinks he can make as good as the prior three. I think once people get to the end of this season they will find that it is thematically different. It’s really about the moment we live in now.”

Whether this is idle chit-chat or not remains to be seen, but Hawley is one of Hollywood’s most in-demand creative minds at the moment, so if there is to be a fourth series it seems legit to suggest that it won’t be for a while.

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