Michael Nyqvist, 1960-2017



“I think the whole mission here on Earth is to accept what you have, and my journey was to accept my own life and not pretend anything else. I think that’s what we all struggle with.”


3 thoughts on “Michael Nyqvist, 1960-2017

  1. Charlotte Carling

    Michael Nyqvist became known to many Swedes in the late 90’s when he appeared in the first Beck series and to international audiences when the Millennium trilogy was adapted to film.

    Stepping away from the crime/noir genre for a moment and going back before he was widely known internationally and taking on roles abroad, if you would like to watch more of Michael Nyqvist, you might enjoy some drama, romantic comedy and medieval power struggle in Sweden and the Holy Land.

    As It Is in Heaven https://youtu.be/YvsMjwgTU3c

    The Guy in the Grave Next Door https://youtu.be/ScI6PbUCOCM (sorry, no subs in this trailer and I’m not sure how easy this one is to find but it has been released internationally)

    Arn – Knight Templar https://youtu.be/nZtdEIfzzeI (Only a glance of Nyqvist in this trailer but he plays the father of the main character. Quite a number of internationally recognisable Swedes in this one, people on this site might like it for Sofia Helin.)


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