Helen Cadbury, 1965-2017


“The truth, in all literature, isn’t in facts, it’s in emotional truth.”

Back in November 2016, I visited Iceland Noir in, well, Iceland. I’d known the crime writer and poet, Helen Cadbury, for a few years and we always said hello at crime festivals and had brief conversations before the whirl of festival life engulfed us both. But it was in Reykjavik that we really had a chance to sit down and have a proper chat. I’d always enjoyed seeing Helen on panels at festivals – she was extremely insightful, passionate, well-informed and always, always up for a discussion. She never held back when talking about crime and society. Her first two novels (To Catch A Rabbit and Bones In The Nest, which featured police community support officer Sean Denton) were extremely well received, and she excitedly told me in Iceland about how the TV rights had been snapped up by Red Planet (see that story here) and work was under way to bring her Doncaster-based urban thrillers to the small screen. A third Sean Denton book, Race To The Kill, comes out later this year.

The devastating news broke yesterday that Helen had passed away after illness. I found her to be a talented, passionate, extremely warm and fiercely smart woman whenever I encountered her, and I count myself lucky to have met her. I send love and condolence to her family and friends.


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