Review: Fargo (S3 E6/10), Wednesday 5th July, Channel 4


I’m using this weekend to catch up on some the things I’ve missed during the week – yes, it has been one of those weeks – and Fargo is one of the things I just will not miss. After last week’s episode, where Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Nikki Swango was hideously beaten by VM Varga’s merciless henchmen, the series turned on its head. No longer was the focus on the feud between the Stussy brothers; now it had become something more poisonous and vengeful. Episode six was extremely tense. Continue reading


Review: Dicte (S2 E1/5), Friday 7th July, More4


The first series of Aarhus-set crime drama Dicte (starring the excellent Iben Hjejle) was, on the whole, pretty good – yes, it was a Nordic Noir yarn, but there was something different about it. Dicte was indeed flawed and headstrong, but she was also – and this is what set it apart from other, now, standard Nordic Noirs – sociable. She externalised, she got involved in messy relationships and she shared bottles of wine and gossip with her friends. She was no lone wolf like her compatriot Sarah Lund or that other Nordic Noir character over the bridge, Saga Noren. This made her refreshing and human. The first series was extremely watchable, if extremely far-fetched, so I was happy that it was back on our screens for a second run. Continue reading