Review: In The Dark (S1 E1/4), Tuesday 11th July, BBC1


Here we go, then. Another new crime drama series on the BBC, but this one looks to have some pedigree about it, both in front of and behind the camera. We have an original (award-winning) crime writer, Mark Billingham, an award-winning screenwriter, Danny Brocklehurst, doing the adapting, and MyAnna Buring doing the acting. What could go wrong?

NB: Spoilers inside Continue reading


Review: Twin Peaks (S3 E9/18), Tuesday 11th July, Sky Atlantic


How to follow part eight? That was the question heading into the ninth instalment of this remarkable series. It has had a week off – something I had forgotten about – which was probably a good thing after the sublimely extraordinary shenanigans of that episode. It was the episode where Lynch and Frost presented us with a step outside of the present-day timeline and took us back to the 1940s and 50s, to a black-and-white world where the advent of the atomic bomb had created an unspeakable evil that was to manifest itself in 1990s Washington State. Had we witnessed the birth of Bob in these crazy scenes? And what now, after a new dimension of political and visceral polemic, had been added to what was hitherto an invigorating whodunit (albeit and cross-dimensional procedural)? Continue reading

Stranger Things reveals second series transmission date, plotlines


One of the most eagerly awaited shows of the year – the second series of Netflix horror/crime mash-up Stranger Things – has come out on its social media channels to reveal the transmission date of said second series. As you would imagine, details in a new teaser trailer are scarce, but it’ll be a dooze for sure. Details after the jump! Continue reading

Review: Ripper Street (S5 E4/6), Monday 10th July, BBC2


After last week’s bucolic interlude in the rural idyl of Hackney Marshes, surely this week’s episode must get back into the cut-and-thrust of life and death in Whitechapel? Wasting the potential of an escape to a normal life with fishmonger’s daughter Prudence, and reverting to his savage nature, the Whitechapel Golem, Nathaniel, has killed again. Will this mark Reid’s final chance to capture him? Continue reading