Review: I Know Who You Are (S1 E9&10/10), Saturday 12th August, BBC Four


So where do we start with this two-part finale? Really, it all happened. There were things that I expected, and things I didn’t. Those characters – Juan Elías, Eva Durán, Alicia Castro – I had grown to love and despise in equal measure had all their flaws and ambiguities on full show tonight. But instead of a slow, seductive striptease, they whacked out everything in front of us without hesitation. To use the sporting parlance, nothing was left on the field of play – it was a full-on rush, and everything was thrown at the story. It was magnificent, slightly infuriating and tremendous fun.

NB: Spoilers inside Continue reading


I Know Who You Are to return for second series later this year


If you’ve been reading my reviews of Spanish series I Know Who You Are, you’ll know I’ve been quite taken by it all. Of course it’s flawed and daft, and beggars belief sometimes, but I’ve enjoyed the pace, the brazen commitment to telling what is an ultra high-concept story, and the characters – no one is who they seem and everyone has stuff going on. Saying all that, there has been one thing that has been bothering me… Continue reading

Review: I Know Who You Are (S1 E7&8/10), Saturday 5th August, BBC4


I’m still trying to catch up with stuff after a bit of a break, and I really had to dig back into this fantastic Spanish series – I’ve really enjoyed it so far and have been totally swept up in its roller-coaster plot, breakneck pace and multi-layered characters. Yes, it’s daft; yes, it’s convoluted; and yes, it defies belief most of the time. But, and it’s a big but, it’s brazen and confident and utterly gripping. And these two episodes were exactly those things. Continue reading