I Know Who You Are to return for second series later this year

If you’ve been reading my reviews of Spanish series I Know Who You Are, you’ll know I’ve been quite taken by it all. Of course it’s flawed and daft, and beggars belief sometimes, but I’ve enjoyed the pace, the brazen commitment to telling what is an ultra high-concept story, and the characters – no one is who they seem and everyone has stuff going on. Saying all that, there has been one thing that has been bothering me…

When it first appeared on our screen two months ago, I did a bit of digging to try and find out how many episodes there were going to be. In Spain, the series comprised 16 episodes, while in the UK we were told it was going to be a 10-episode series, with five double bills. This didn’t quite stack up – even with series like The Killing or The Bridge, the 10-episode series were played out in double bills over five weeks. Five weeks’ of double bills equals 10 episodes, not 16.

So what’s the answer?

BBC Four sent out this statement recently:

I Know Who You Are was commissioned and produced as two seasons, which its Spanish broadcaster subsequently decided to show together as one long season.  BBC Four is screening the series as two separate seasons and will be showing season two later in the year.

So what we’re getting is a 10-episode first series and then a six-episode second series, to be shown later this year. The whole thing has already been shown in Spain, so the only question is whether the mystery of missing Ana Saura will be uncovered and the question of whether Juan Elías is telling the truth or not will be answered at the end of this series or at the end of series two.

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  1. derekbd says:

    I am very glad I read this info before watching this week’s installments, which I had assumed would wrap the case up. I guess I will be prepared to wait until BBC Four actually airs the rest. Thank you!


  2. Heather says:

    I watched episode 8 believing it would be the last but no answers so now reading this I understand why!


  3. Colin C says:

    I wonder if the BBC hadn’t realised it was 16 episodes when they first started showing it, they certainly seemed to give the impression that there were only 10. Or maybe they thought they had bought a re-edited version compressing the 16 into 10 and only discovered the mistake later?


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Perhaps, Colin. It’s an odd one – the whole aired in one big wodge in Spain and had already finished when this was announced for the BBC.


  4. MikeB says:

    Just watched episodes 9 & 10 on iPlayer and we have been left gobsmacked at the sudden, unfinished ending. I’ve just read your review and the news of a second series. We’re dismayed. The series was tosh but its energy kept us watching. Now we know the gist of what happened I don’t know whether I care what happens subsequently!


  5. Jupiter 17 says:

    Very frustrating !!! Makes no sense to leave viewers who had been waiting for the conclusion to wait indefinitely for the the outcome, who on earth thought this was a good way to treat loyal viewers ?! Must need psychiatric help in my opinion


  6. Sue says:

    Really dissappointed to learn I won’t be watching I know who you are tonight – I can’t believe the BBC have just left it like this. So annoying. Thank heavens for your website!


  7. Sylvester Caw says:

    Agreed with all of those frustrations. Come on though BBC 4.WHEN will we see Series 4.Frankly all of this is ridiculous .Best series ever – and you muck us about.


  8. Mike says:

    Loved this show. So bummed they are breaking into two seasons. I was looking forward to watching all of it!


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