Review: I Know Who You Are (S1 E7&8/10), Saturday 5th August, BBC4

I’m still trying to catch up with stuff after a bit of a break, and I really had to dig back into this fantastic Spanish series – I’ve really enjoyed it so far and have been totally swept up in its roller-coaster plot, breakneck pace and multi-layered characters. Yes, it’s daft; yes, it’s convoluted; and yes, it defies belief most of the time. But, and it’s a big but, it’s brazen and confident and utterly gripping. And these two episodes were exactly those things.

Let’s start with Inspector Giralt. He was closing in on a man called Ezequiel Cortéz, a Spanish man living in Argentina, who had come back to Barcelona for family reasons. The fabric found near the crash site was his, and some digging revealed that he had gone missing the same day Ana disappeared. This was the man who had chased Ana at Casa Castro in episode six’s flashback sequence, and, in this week’s flashback, he had visited her at the university and threatened her violently. Why? We weren’t sure. Then there was the money – Ana had received €100,000 from her grandfather Hector to help her escape to Thailand, but Cortéz, according to his wife, had deposited €80,000 into her account the day he disappeared to pay for their ill daughter’s crucial neuroblastoma treatment. Where did Cortéz get this money? Had he stolen it from her? Or had someone paid him to do a job.

By the end of episode eight it was clear that the 80-grand was not from the Hector Castro/Ana Saura stash – he had indeed been paid, and perhaps by Heredia.

Juan Elías
Juan Elías was very much the main man in these two episodes, his journey twisting this way and that. At the end of episode six, we saw his lie detector test and the subsequent fall-out from the results. Thanks to Alicia’s persuasion, Eva went on to spend the day with Elías, the two taking a journey to all their key haunts from the past in a bid to trigger his memory. All this little day trip did was to re-establish his feelings for her. He remembered scenes in the classroom at the university, he remembered snippets of their time together, and he did indeed remember bits from the crash site. But when they got to the open grave, he remembered nothing. He realised he would be soon put in jail, so he decided to make a run for it, only to be talked back by Eva (again thanks to Alicia’s persuasion). He did indeed spend a brief time in jail, and his time there was interesting for several reasons: 1, his interaction with Hector Castro, the patriarch who ruled the roost in the clink. There was a definite power struggle beginning to develop between the two before Elías was freed; 2, the information proffered by another lag, who told him that an associate of his had been paid off by Heredia the day after Ana disappeared; and 3, the way Elías adapted to his new surroundings – he bought TVs for the inmates who had previously threatened him. It was interesting. By the end of the two episodes, Elías ended up in bed with Eva – his previously extinguished feelings for her roaring back to life.

By the end of the two episodes, Elías ended up in bed with Eva – his previously extinguished feelings for her had come roaring back to life.

Once again, Elías’s very existence corruscated this way and that – one minute he was remembering things, the next nothing; one minute he was in jail, the next he was in bed with his old flame.

Eva Durán
Like Elías, Eva’s journey throughout these two episodes covered all the emotions: one minute she was her usual, feisty self – all righteous zeal and enthusiasm for the case – the next, confused and vulnerable because of her re-emerging feelings for Elías. Over the past few episodes, we’ve seen her slowly be worn down by the case and, with Alicia playing her like a fiddle, she’s been manipulated into helping her former lover. After she had talked Elías away from the marina and his escape boat – and kissed him just to make doubly sure he wouldn’t leave – she was prepared to walk away from the case because of a conflict of interests (you don’t say). But, persuaded by Ramon Saura (who revealed his terminal cancer diagnosis and encouraged her to look at other suspects), she attacked the case from different angles. With Dirty David (who had admitted his own love for Eva) looking on, Eva was like a whirling dervish as she came up with suspect and motive after suspect and motive. It was a handy scene for both Eva and the team and us as viewers to review the evidence and the runners and riders: could Alicia be guilty? What about Pol? And how about the idea that Ana had taken herself off? No, she knew about her father’s terminal diagnosis and wouldn’t leave him, surely. Pol? He was the father of Ana’s terminated child, and knew of her relationship with his father. He was also the only other person to know about the secret key hiding place… and that key was still missing. He was also exhibiting some ruthless techniques at school to stop people spreading rumours about his family.

In the end, thanks to Monica’s digging, she was put into contact with spurned lawyer Susana, who had walked out of the Elías and Heredia firm. This ruthless woman gladly handed over the dossier she had compiled on Heredia on Elías’s request. Inside there was evidence of dirty money and pay-offs. Eva had a new suspect.

Alicia Castro
Oh Alicia. Out of all the characters in this incredible series, Alicia is the one I love the most – she’s the most human, duplicitous, lustrous (the scene in which she slept with her husband was pure fire and lust – it wasn’t so much seduction but a raging demand for sex) and shady character on show, and in I Know Who You Are that’s saying something. All these qualities were on show in these two episodes: Alicia knew Eva was still in love with her husband and yet, despite the huge emotional cost and risk, she manipulated Eva into trying to extract some kind of truth out of him, and then watch on as they got closer and closer; she had to hold her family together when Pol was being naughty and threatening to go off the rails; she continued to blackmail poor Charry (who we saw guzzling booze and chomping pills at the end of it all); and she took a trip to Casa Castro to open what looked like a coffin. Could this vessel contain the body (dead or alive) of Ana Saura? Could Alicia be behind all this?

Paul Hirons

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