Happy Valley update: series three likely for 2018

(C) Red Productions – Photographer: Ben Blackall

While it’s a bit of a news day and I’m waiting for carious things to come through on email, I thought I’d take a look and see where some our favourite crime dramas were in terms of making a return. One show that’s been quiet recently is Happy Valley, Sally Wainwright’s superior neo-Western, set in Yorkshire. It’s been fairly quiet on the Catherine Cawood front, but there has been a slight development…

Huffington Post and Radio Times both quoted Red Preoductions’ Nicola Schindler at the recent Broadcasting Press Guild lunch: “We are working on a new idea for Sally for BBC One which will be next year so the earliest Happy Valley would be would be towards the end of 2018 I would suspect. She won’t write the [Happy Valley] scripts for some time but Sally’s determined to do it, Sarah’s determined to do it.”

Another reason for the delay is that Sally Wainwright is reportedly keen for the drama’s characters to move on in time before she engages with them again.

Shindler said: “You look at the characters that are left, there is Sarah, there is James Norton and there is a young boy, who the minute he turns into a teenager it becomes a much more interesting story.”

So good news, and a half confirmation – which we’ve not got before now – that the show will be back for a third series.

It’s doing the rounds on Netflix at the moment, and plenty of US viewers have been enjoying Wainwright’s very British (and very Yorkshire) drama, so this will be a welcome fillip.

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  1. Seija says:

    Eagerly waiting for a new meet with C. Cawood & co.


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