Plotlines revealed for series four of The Bridge

Even though we’re still a few months away from the end of 2017 and the start of 2018, we’re already counting down the days until the fourth and final series of The Bridge appears on our screen. We know bits and pieces about it thanks to a brilliant trailer we showed a few months ago, but know more. A lot, lot more. Beware: the details we’re going to publish after the jump contain a good amount of detail.

The Bridge will be appearing at the upcoming, annual television convention, MIPCOM in Cannes, and will screen episodes. As part of its appearance at the festival, some log lines have been released, which have been published by our friends over at Here they are:

A woman is found brutally murdered on Peberholm, a small artificial island in the Danish part of the Øresund strait, at the base of the bridge. The body is that of Margrethe Thormod, Director General of the Migration Agency in Copenhagen, who was recently embroiled in a deportation scandal. Henrik begins to explore the macabre murder with his Danish colleague, Jonas Mandrup.

Apart from the murder investigation, both Henrik and Saga face personal crises in this fourth series. Henrik is missing his colleague and friend Saga, who is now incarcerated in the women’s prison in Ystad after being convicted of murdering her mother. Henrik visits her as often as he can and desperately wants her assistance with this new case. However, her predicament renders her unable to help. Henrik’s search for his missing daughters is also frustrated by Saga’s imprisonment and he comes close to giving up. But theirs is a special friendship that prevails despite the shadow of past events and survives despite when put to the test.

The overarching theme of the series is identity. The plots themselves raise the practical problems surrounding false passports and identities, but in examining their own identities and those of the offenders and victims they encounter, the main characters invite viewers to ask similar existential questions. Who am I? Who do I want to be? How am I perceived by others? And how do I want to be perceived?

We certainly didn’t see Saga being imprisoned coming, mirroring what happened to her fondly remembered partner, Martin Rohde at the end of series two. Still as the trailer shows, Saga does manage to get out – it’s just a case of when and how. Here’s a reminder of what the trailer looks like:

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Gina Purcell says:

    Under the heading of ‘deferred gratification’, I wasn’t going to read about the plot… but I crumbled! Surely Henrik will get her out of prison? Maybe Linn will give her a break? Maybe I should just wait for 2018!!


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Haha… I think you’re the same as everyone, Gina! Even though it’s more detailed than we’ve got so far, it still feels like a fairly generic synopsis. I’m fairly certain there’s plenty more to come!


  2. Lyzz says:

    Too late for this impassioned plea as the season is probably in the can, but

    As it’s our final time with Saga, I sincerely hope she’s not held at arm’s length because she’s imprisoned. It would be a travesty if she remains jailed for more than the first episode. I watch for Saga – don’t waste this last season.

    There, I feel better. Cheers!


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