BBC confirms transmission date for final Inspector George Gently film

After 10 years and 23 episodes the BBC One drama Inspector George Gently say farewell with a final film: Gently And The New Age. Martin Shaw as the and Lee Ingleby are back one last final time as Gently and Bacchus, and I for one will be sorry to see it go – I know lots of people who find the series as dull as dishwater, but I’ve really enjoyed Gently and Baccus’s evolving relationship and the way it has examined Britain’s ever-changing socio-political landscape from the 1960s onwards. The BBC has now announced the transmission date for George’s last hurrah.

The story begins with Gently giving evidence at The Old Bailey against corrupt police officers in the Met – his old enemies. It should be one of the final acts of his career, but he is asked to take on one last job by Lister, the head of a new Special Investigations Squad, which examines evidence against ‘bent’ coppers.

Guest stars include Richard Harrington (Hinterland), Adam Levy and Steven Robertson.

Gently And The New Age: Monday 30th October, 8.30pm, BBC One


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  1. beingrebecca says:

    On my phone I can’t seem to post a random… have you seen Mr. robot? I recommend it. I’m at season 1 although 3 is presently at episode 4.. worth a try!


  2. Seija says:

    Finally. Thanks, Paul.


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