Review: Jordskott (S2 E2/8), Thursday 26th October, ITV Encore

Last week’s series two opener of Jordskott – the bonkers Swedish crime drama with supernatural overtones – gave us something darker and more disturbing in tone: we saw a zombiefied man emerge from the lake in Stockholm and some sort of human trafficking ring at work. In the middle of it all was Moa Gammel’s Eva Thörnblad, trying to make sense of it all. She wasn’t the only one.

With ‘Zombie fish man’ (as one of our readers delightfully and accurately called him) now dust on the hospital floor, Eva and Bahar took to investigating the human trafficking ring and trying to track down the missing girl held captive in the basement of the factory. She was obviously important, but why?

Their snooping around led them to a college that specialised in animal behaviour, and a student – Robin – was identified as the possible abductee. Not only that, her teachers – and later her slightly tragic, insane mother – told them she had a special affinity with animals, especially rats. A complex rat system was found in the underground prison of the human traffickers, and the suspicion was that this girl – Robin – was communicating somehow with the rats while in captivity to send messages to her only friend there. So now we have a character who can talk to animals. Good old Jordskott, you never fail to surprise.

Elsewhere, Göran Wass was back on the scene. Emerging from his own customised bathtub last week (he wasn’t soaking in Radox, that’s for sure), he met a member of his shadowy organisation who showed him a picture of Zombie Fish Man and gave him the requisite papers to start work on the Stockholm police force right away, to see the case through to the end. He and Eva enjoyed a warm reunion and then got to work on trying to figure out what was going on.

There was another element to all this: the captured human trafficker went all mental – his eyes glazing over and rolling into the back of his head – and killed himself in his police cell, and Robin’s mother – Desirée – did the same when Eva and Wass went to re-question her. Her slip into insanity had caused her to shoot herself with Eva’s gun. But what was causing these flip-outs? Wass, taking a closer look at her body, found a small maggot-like creature at her exit wound – could an insanity-producing parasite be on the loose?

What we were left with was Eva looking likely that she would be blamed for Desirée’s death. Bahar had observed earlier that she had been aggressive toward her in their initial exchanges, and now the mum was dead.

Oh, and we got to say hello to kinetic teen Esmerelda back in Silverhöjd, too, which was most welcome – she was one of the most beguiling characters in series one. In this episode, she was itching to get out and about into the world, but her guardian wouldn’t allow it (leading to a glowy-eyed stand-off in the forest). She still made room for tormenting a pair of school bullies with her special powers though.

Once again, plenty of intrigue, much darker in tone and plenty of procedural elements were on show here, but it also displayed what we love about Jordskott – those ties to the environment, and, of course, those bonkers twists and turns.

Paul Hirons

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  1. RD Padouk says:

    Will there be other reviews of this? I am following this show in Swedish, but really enjoy these English reviews.


    1. Rachel says:

      Me too – I don’t know anyone else who watches it, so following Paul’s reviews (and the comments) is great to see what other people are thinking.
      I’m really enjoying this series, too!


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