Series four of The Bridge to be broadcast on BBC Two in the UK

We’re all counting down the days until series four of The Bridge hits our screens, but there was one question that was lingering: would the series be broadcast in line with the rest of Europe on 1st January, and, with series six of Spiral waiting in the wings, which one would come first on BBC Four? The channel has been home to The Bridge for its previous three series, but not anymore: series four of The Bridge has been bumped up to BBC Two.

This might answer the question as to how The Bridge and Spiral will fit onto the BBC channels.

As if we didn’t know, Sofia Helin and Thure Lindhart reprise their roles as the iconic Saga Norén and her innately talented Danish partner, Henrik Sabroe, in a heart-stopping concluding case that tests their very special relationship to its limits both professionally and personally.

Anders Landstrom, creator and executive producer of The Bridge says “It is obviously very sad to say goodbye to Saga after four incredible seasons, but our talented writers, Hans and Camilla have an extraordinary end in store for viewers. Sofia has played the role of Saga with a rawness and truth rarely seen on screen and it’s been a pleasure to work with her, and Thure on a series of which we are immensely proud.”

Writer Hans Rosenfeldt and Camilla Ahlgren said “We’ve been on an amazing journey with Saga Norén and Henrik Sabroe and felt that there was one last thrilling story to tell. Set two years on from last series, Saga is coming to terms with the dire consequences of being accused of her mother’s murder when a macabre crime seemingly linked to migration takes place. Meanwhile, Henrik continues his desperate search for his children.”

Patrick Holland, Channel Controller of BBC Two says: “It is great to see this fantastic series back and on BBC Two.  The Bridge has helped redefine television drama in recent years and it is fitting that its final series will be showcased on BBC Two.”

So, The Bridge on BBC Two. Exciting. But when will it air? All we’re getting at the moment is ‘next year’ but the hope is it’ll be earlier rather than later.

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  1. Charlotte Carling says:

    Oh, come on. I really didn’t think the Beeb would miss out on the joint broadcast, but at less than 6 weeks away surely they would confirm if they mean to go ahead on the 1st of January? Damn it. I want you lot to watch it with the rest of us.


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      You never know, Charlotte. The last series was shown in the UK a couple of months after it premiered in Scandinavia/Europe. Schedules are normally confirmed two weeks before transmission, so I’ll be waiting patiently…


      1. Charlotte Carling says:

        Ok, we’ll have to patiently await that scheduling confirmation then and see what BBC2 has in store on New Year’s Day.

        I’d say the bump to BBC2 means that there won’t be double billings, which there wouldn’t be if it’s broadcast simultaneously so maybe that’s a good sign? Fingers crossed and thumbs held…


  2. Andy D says:

    Usually Christmas TV listings come out first week of December or around then, so we’ll be able to see if New Year’s Day is the UK launch date as well soon!


  3. Andy D says:

    Radio Times reporting it will be aired ‘shortly after’ the terrestrial date so potentially as early as the 6th Jan if they stick to the Saturday night schedule they had for it on BBC4 – but definitely not broadcast same day as release.


  4. Seija says:

    For those interested and enthusiastic enough there’s a lot new stuff to see and listen to on the Bron – Broen – The Bridge Facebook Page, i.e. the premiere gala event, an AMA-interview with the main writers and so on. The clock is ticking, only three weeks to go!


    1. Charlotte Carling says:

      Hej Seija!

      The reviews were out a couple of days ago and I almost didn’t read them as I was so nervous about spoilers. Finally it’s getting close! (4000 people will watch the first two episodes in Malmö Arena next week. I’m green with envy.)

      At least you and I get to watch the broadcast without delay ;)



      1. Seija says:

        Oh, yes. I’m all set. Never mind the New Year’s celebration, I’m going to spend my New Year’s Day in front of the telly :D


      2. Charlotte Carling says:

        Indeed, with a celebratory stänkare in hand! Bring on the darkness…


  5. Seija says:

    But, of course! We wouldn’t be Beckian or Scandinavian otherwise *lol*


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