The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 5th-Sunday 11th February)

It’s another busy week in the world of crime drama, even though the likes of Spiral and Kiri have finished their respective runs. In Spiral’s place on BBC Four we get series two of Modus, and we also get the series finales of both Silent Witness, Next Of Kin and Hard Sun. Enjoy!

Review: Spiral (S6 E11&12/12), Saturday 3rd February, BBC Four

NB: SPOILERS INSIDE As this season comes to a finale as twisty as a baguette, the French flics have everything left to fight for – can they pin down the murderer of cop Mercier? Can put-upon Laure make it work with the ethically challenged Gilou? And can Josephine escape the consequences of her attack on…