Hans Rosenfeldt: Kim Bodnia said no to series four Bridge return

We often wondered if Kim Bodnia’s Martin Rohde would make a dramatic return for the fourth and final installment of The Bridge. It would make sense to come back for one last final hurrah, and would have been a really interesting plot-point: how would Saga deal with Martin’s return when she’s now with Henrik Sabroe? And, of course, for fans of the show it would have been a real boon: we fell in love with flawed Martin as soon as he set foot onscreen, and his relationship with Saga was surely one of crime drama’s best during the past decade. Sadly, we now hear it’s definitely not happening.

While everyone else across Europe is enjoying series four, we here in the UK inexplicably have to wait for at least another couple of months for it come to these shores. (Honestly, why?) What we do now know is that Martin will definitely not be in it.

In the Expressen newspaper, Hans Rosenfeldt said [IF YOU DO READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE, BEWARE SERIES FOUR SPOILERS]:

Yes, it was in one of the flashback scenes that we had written a scene with Martin, but Kim did not want to do that. It would have been our little gift to the viewers. We know exactly when this flashback takes place and that’s when they’ve found the seven corpses in the lowered motorboat in season two. So Henrik and Martin would have had a scene in the flashback, but Kim did not want to come back. It was a scene that was a gift to the viewers and did not affect any storytelling, but when Kim did not want to be with us, we stretched it.

In the same article, Sofia Helin said:

It was not as simple as ‘Kim jumps off’, but it was a process that led to the decision that we had to go another way. It is clear that it was an exciting and intense collaboration came to an end, but I have also been able to use it a lot in character so it was very playable that Saga became so abandoned and alone.

So there we have it: we have officially seen the last of Martin Rohde. A great shame, but we’re excited to see series four nonetheless. Now come on BBC, do your part.

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  1. Charlotte Carling says:

    I didn’t realise you’d be reading spoiler filled articles, Paul.

    Before the series started I was hoping to see Martin again. It would have been fun and could have served to explain a minor chain of events to use Martin in flashback scenes the way Rosenfeldt explained it. However, it would have mostly been a little nod to all faithful viewers rather than something important to the plot.

    Just one episode to go now. I can’t wait to see how it ends!


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Ah, I just glossed over any potential spoilers and concentrated on Rosenfeldt’s quotes


    2. Seija says:

      CC, just finished watching ep. 7, and thankfully the second half of the story is back to its normal standard, and is as strong as before again. I also am looking forward next Sunday, so much so that I took a peek of the programinfo of the last ep. on dr.dk Broen IIII page.


      1. Charlotte Carling says:

        Hej Seija, I’ve watched most of the series on DR as they release the episodes online on Saturdays. I haven’t peeked at the programme info though, I don’t quite want to know until I can watch. Well. I both do and I don’t. Haha, I’ll just imagine different scenarios instead.


      2. Seija says:

        Hah, I didn’t want to relish or linger the idea and wait. I wanted to know. Right away. And what a disappointment it was, they didn’t give away the whole story – of course. Just a glimpse. Now it’s still seven days and four hours till we finally get the answer.


      3. Charlotte Carling says:

        I’ve checked and it looks like SVTplay will make the final episode available by 2am on Sunday morning. For good measure I sent a query to DR. Could be Saturday at 6pm. Are you ok to watch it without subs?


      4. Seija says:

        If I remember correctly the Finnish pubcaster YLE announced the final part will only be shown on telly at 10 pm next Sunday here, how is it possible that Denmark and Sweden will do otherwise? I guess each country decides for their own… You lucky, you!
        I’m okay with the Swedish bits but for the Danish I’ll need subtitles in Danish most likely. How so? I don’t have VPN and Denmark has banned the show for viewers outside of Denmark. And the same goes for svtplay.se :(


      5. Charlotte Carling says:

        I guess SVT and DR can do whatever they have agreed on between themselves? I’ll have to wait for DR’s reply to be sure though.

        I just asked in case you were very impatient and had access to either of the players. I watch DR and NRK, for example, but YLE is better at blocking me. If you need something else to kill time with until next sunday evening, I see that Icelandic Prisoners (Vangit) is on the areena, definitely worth a watch. Also, there are two Leif GW Persson adaptations Death of a Pilgrim and The Fourth Man that are good quality crime series.

        Have you tried Craith? Great Welsh crime series available to everyone, with English subs, on S4C. http://beta.s4c.cymru/clic/e_level2.shtml?programme_id=542199675.


      6. Seija says:

        Sure DR and SVT can do whatever they choose to, it’s just that I was under the assumption that the series is shown simultaneously in all Nordic countries. I guess I was wrong. Well, can’t do much about it, can I? YLE won’t release the final episode on Areena before it starts on tv, so that’s that. Silly YLE. I don’t know what they hope to gain with that?

        Enough about that. I beat you to it :). Just finished watching Fangar-Prisoners on Friday. Loved it, great characters, good humour even if there isn’t anything funny about the crimes that took place. No wonder the series has got 14 nominations for the Icelandic Eddas (cf. Academic Awards)! I believe the other two shows you mentioned are reruns, but I have to check. Love Rolf Lassgård, ever since Wallander (IMO he is the only one and real version of W.), and also in A Man Called Ove.

        No, I haven’t had a chance to watch Craith although I’ve taken notice that you’ve been writing about it here. Must take a look while I’m waiting for the final episode of Bron-Broen IIII *pouting* Thanks for the link, CC!


      7. Charlotte Carling says:

        Ha! I should have know you’d have already seen it. Yes, Fangar got a lot of nominations. So did Stella Blómkvist. I suppose that will be the next Icelandic thing to reach us.

        Yes, those are reruns. The third installement, The Dying Detective, was shown on SVT last month so it’s probably on its way to YLE very soon. Lassgård has played so many detectives, Gunvald Larsson in the previous Beck series, for instance. (I think I prefer Henriksson as Wallander.)


      8. Seija says:

        CC, you’ll never guess… YLE will show the final episode of Bron on the Areena starting at 6 am next Sunday! Last night I sent them a query, which made them recheck their contract and will now show the final ep. in advance on the Areena. Good for me! How about your query to DR, did you get an answer?


      9. Charlotte Carling says:

        Hyvää! Good for you and all other impatient Finns :) No answer yet from DR, but at least SVT should have it up by 2 am on Sunday.

        Haha! We are ridiculously invested in this, aren’t we? Crazy crime obsessed Nordic women…


      10. Seija says:

        You don’t say LOL – what’s not to be proud about…


      11. Seija says:

        P.s. You are absolutely right about SVT, I found this piece of information on a SVT Q&A page: “Den fjärde och sista säsongen av Bron hade premiär på SVT Play och SVT1 kl 21.00 på nyårsdagen, måndag den 1 januari 2018. Övriga sju avsnitt i säsong 4 publiceras i SVT Play på söndagar kl 02.00 och sänds i SVT1 på söndagar kl 21.00, från och med den 7 januari 2018.” So you most definitely will get the last ep at 2 am on Sunday morning :)


      12. Charlotte Carling says:

        Yes indeed, that’s when I’ll be watching. Coincidentally, my sloe gin will be ready after three months of developing its flavour. Perfect time for a stänkare :)


      13. Seija says:

        Indeed, souds sweet and delicious ;)


      14. Charlotte Carling says:

        I guess you will have noticed already but the first episode of The Dying Detective is up now: https://areena.yle.fi/1-4255684


      15. Seija says:

        Thanks, CC! I did notice that The Dying Detective (aptly named End of the Road in Finnish) is on the Areena but haven’t gotten around to watch it, yet. Will do so most definitely :)


      16. Charlotte Carling says:

        2 am, enough with the curling, it’s time for the final episode. Here we go! Kippis :)


      17. Charlotte Carling says:

        I thought that was a very good way to end the series. I made an account here in case you want to discuss details reddit.com/user/KillingTimesCC/ Just make a throwaway account if you want to message me (you don’t need to give an email address or anything). If not, I’m sure we’ll talk about it here when the summer comes :) Seriously Beeb, just bloody broadcast it already!


      18. Seija says:

        Skål with a coffee mug! Just saw the final episode, and I’m pleased. A good/ok ending for a fine series (I’m restraining myself from commenting anything here…).

        One thing kind of distroyed it for me to enjoy the experience fully – one bleebing Finnish gossip magazine revealed the content of the final episode to the detail this week, so I knew what was coming. It is circulating everywhere by now, Finnish discussion sites, FB, flashback.org and so on. Well, it guess it doesn’t matter here in Scandinavia anymore, but will surely hit the audiences elsewhere – so be warned Brits & other fellow crime enthusiasts!


      19. Charlotte Carling says:

        Oh no, that’s so annoying! Really stupid to spoil the excitement for everyone.

        The episode isn’t out in Denmark yet. I guess they want all the viewers for the evening broadcast.


      20. Seija says:

        Oh, that’s surprising! The fact that the Danes don’t get to see the final ep before 8 pm on tv, I mean. So it’s us Finns and you Swedes that got the early morning bird treatment ;)

        That was the original plan of the YLE I see now (to broadcast the final ep only on tv at 10 pm), but they took another look at their contract after my message to them about the Swedes and the Danes getting to see the episodes earlier… OOOPS. But when I come to think of it, how can it possibly be that a broadcaster wouldn’t check their contracts closely enough beforehand so that they’d know when they can or cannot send these shows? That’s pure incompetence in my book…


      21. Charlotte Carling says:

        NRK also had it out early. I guess DR just decided to go for Sunday evening. One way to get people to sit and watch the actual broadcast. Next week their new drama Liberty starts in the same slot. I’ll definitely have a look. Nordic drama is more than just crime after all…


      22. Seija says:

        I’m on reddit now. Took a while to study how it works and still not sure I can work it LoL


      23. Charlotte Carling says:

        It worked, I answered.


  2. Markus says:

    Remember how, at the start of series three, Henrik was very eager to get the chance to work with Saga? We later learned that he wanted her help, but how did he know about her? The Flashback scene would have established that Martin was the one who told Henrik about Saga. While we could probably have guessed as much anyway, it would have still been nice to see. But Kim didn’t want to and we just have to accept it.


    1. Seija says:

      Hi Markus, and I totally agree with you but I guess it’s best not to comment any spoilers here as many countries haven’t had the chance to see Bron – Broen – The Bridge IIII, yet :)


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