Walter Presents acquires new Belgian crime drama

Whisper it, but Belgium has become a sneaky player in the crime drama landscape, thanks to a series of very solid shows. SalamanderClan, Professor T, Code 37, Coppers and 13 Commandments have all been decent, and most have them aired on Channel 4’s foreign-language strand, Walter Presents. Now news reaches us that it has acquired another series from the country.

According to Deadline:

Tabula Rasa is a psychological thriller starring The Broke Circle Breakdown star Veerle Baetens as Mie, a young woman with amnesia. Locked up in a secure psychiatric hospital, Mie was the last person to be seen with a man who has since disappeared. As both a witness and prime suspect, she holds the key to solving this mysterious case. To prove her innocence, Mie must confront and recover her recent past but the more she remembers, the more she starts to mistrust not only the people around her, but also herself.

It will debut on Channel 4 itself and then move over to All 4 later in the year.

More news etc.

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  1. Andy D says:

    Sounds like Blindspot minus the tattoos


    1. Yvonne says:

      This is just being aired in Germany and I can tell you that it’s completely different to Blindspot. It’s a bit slow going but not bad.


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