Review: Modus (S2 E3&4/8), Saturday 17th February, BBC Four

NB: SPOILERS INSIDE Last week, the second series of Modus began with quite the opening gambit – the POTUS, Helen Tyler (Kim Cattrall), was abducted during her first state visit to Sweden. This flung Ingvar and Inger-Johanna into action, but as far as concepts go it was fairly high up on the ladder. This, as many…

Steven Soderbergh’s Mosaic starts on Sky Atlantic – will you be watching?

One of the shows we were looking forward to immensely was Steven Soderbergh’s Mosaic – a six-part series that started on HBO last week in the US and now comes to our shores via Sky Atlantic. It stars Sharon Stone (yes, THAT Sharon Stone) among others, and yes, I mixed the dates up: it starts tonight!