Sofia Helin pays touching tribute to Saga Norén


By now pretty much the rest of Europe has been digesting the final ever episode of The Bridge, which aired in most European countries on Sunday night. It must have been an emotional moment for so many viewers – but of course, we here in the UK wouldn’t know because the fourth series has been kept from us by the BBC. We’re hearing that it’ll be ‘the spring’ when The Bridge finally makes its way over to these shores, but in the meantime, it’s goodbyes all round, not least from the star of the show herself – Sofia Helin. Continue reading


Series three of Unforgotten to begin filming, adds cast and plotlines


All the heavy hitters are coming out to play in 2018, and our top-rated British series from last year – Unforgotten – is one of them. Starring Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar, the cold-case series is as sensitive and beautifully written and acted as it is enthralling. The good news is that filming is about to begin this month on the third series. Continue reading

Review: Marcella (S2 E1/8), Monday 20th February, ITV



Hans Rosenfeldt’s Marcella divided plenty of people during its first run in 2016. Some people I know really enjoyed it, but the majority I spoke to about it thought it was a mess. And, I have to say, that’s where my opinion lies – the cast of characters were just so unlikable (which hasn’t stopped me watching and enjoying a series before… see I Know Who You Are), the story promising but shaken out into an unholy mess. So what did series two hold? More of the same, or an improvement? Continue reading

Review : Before We Die (S1 E6/10), Tuesday 20th February, Channel 4



NB Spoilers Inside
Now Inez’s identity is known to Hanna (finally!), it felt like Before We Die kicked up a gear this week as the varying strands of the investigation came together and threatened to break apart the Organised Crime Unit, whilst elsewhere Davor has the date from hell.

Continue reading