Sofia Helin pays touching tribute to Saga Norén

By now pretty much the rest of Europe has been digesting the final ever episode of The Bridge, which aired in most European countries on Sunday night. It must have been an emotional moment for so many viewers – but of course, we here in the UK wouldn’t know because the fourth series has been kept from us by the BBC. We’re hearing that it’ll be ‘the spring’ when The Bridge finally makes its way over to these shores, but in the meantime, it’s goodbyes all round, not least from the star of the show herself – Sofia Helin.

Helin posted an emotional message on her Instagram feed, saying goodbye to Saga.

It must be quite a thing to inhabit a character for so long, and for that character to be so universally loved across the world. At once the job of a lifetime, and perhaps a bit of a curse – where do you go from there? Will people always see you as Saga?

In an interview with Expressen (I’m not going to post a link because there are major spoilers on that site), she expanded on her feelings:

It’s a little tricky because I’ll soon launch the series in England, so it does not feel like the series is going to end up being broadcast. On the other hand, it’s a journey that’s really going to an end and I agree with it because I’m happy with the end. Therefore, it feels positive.

So the British launch is going to be soon. Let’s hope so, then we can all finally say goodbye to Saga Norén.

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  1. Stephen John Owen says:

    ASTONISHING the whole saga was abeautifully crafted piece a jigsaw that has enveloped millions the finale will be testament to how powerfully and long lasting a sries this has been its impact will remain for a long time


  2. Andy D says:

    It’s got to be March surely? I really don’t know what the BBC are playing at considering most of their weekend primetime BBC2 schedule in February has been reserved for repeats or fodder like Dragons Den and QI. Surely they know even the most loyal UK fans are going to be tempted to watch the show by ‘other means’ at this rate and damage their audience share when it does come around legitimately.


  3. Charlotte Carling says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the entire series. It’s very satisfying that there is an end and not just lots of loose threads that may be used as a segue to another installement of the series. That’s the benefit of the creators knowning, while writing the script, that this would be the last of The Bridge. The series, which has been immensely successful, merited a proper finale. The viewers deserved it too. And was it ever an excellent end. UK viewers will have to wait a little longer, but they’ve quite a treat coming their way.


  4. Gina Purcell says:

    Well… it’s just a TV show, isn’t it… aaaaarrrgh! NO! For us die-hard and hard-bitten fans of the very pinnacle of character-driven story telling, it feels like the BBC has slammed the door in our faces! If it does come out on DVD before “late Spring” I may also join the legions who’ll snub the Beeb! (But, I know I won’t… I’m weak and addicted)


  5. Sarah says:

    A journalist wrote today they will be previewing series 4 and having a Q&A session on April 17th. I guess BBC2 will air The series in May then.


  6. Seija says:

    A good ending to a great show, indeed. And it is finito, what now? Will there, and when will there be a series as engaging and intriguing as The Bridge – or The Killing for that matter – was?


    1. Seija says:

      P.s. For those interested and concerned, I read somewhere that Australia’s SBS on Demand is screening The Bridge, season 4 already – a week ahead of schedule as the show was supposed to begin on 1 March.
      I have no idea whether this is true or not, may be a hoax.


      1. Charlotte Carling says:

        It’s true. Confirmed by the site (which has a bucket load of interesting stuff on demand).


      2. Seija says:

        CC, I was counting on you to find out and verify this :D


      3. Charlotte Carling says:

        Actually, I was mistaken. I saw 1st of March as a date about a week ago but that must have been the broadcast date. The entire series is up on SBS on demand right now. So for any Aussies reading this – get binging!


  7. Gadi says:

    If its of any interest: SOFIA HELIN told in an interview to an Israeli newspaper published today, that The Bridge 4 will be broadcast in UK in the middle of May.

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