Review: Rebecka Martinsson: Arctic Murders (S1 E6/7), Friday 23rd February, More4


We’re almost at an end of the first series of Rebecka Martinsson, and I have to say I’ve enjoyed it. The stories have been engaging and the scenery up in the north of Sweden has been nothing short of breathtaking. Rebecka Martinsson herself, while no Saga Norén or Sarah Lund, has been a very watchable lead character, although a touch on the benign side. So it’s time for the first part of the last two-part story, and we found ourselves in summertime in and around Kiruna.

To start with, we saw a bear attack on old man outside of his home in the middle nowhere. His remains were found inside the bear after a hunting party had felled him. This man would later be identified as Frans Uusitalo.

Then, while Rebecka, Krister and Uncle Sivving were taking a day trip, they passed the house of Solbritt Uusitalo. Sivving noticed that her door had been bashed in so they stopped to see if she and her grandson Markus were ok. They weren’t. Solbritt was found on her bed, stripped naked and pitchfork wounds puncturing her back. The word hora (whore) was scrawled above her on the wall in her own blood. Young Markus was found cowering in a little tent in the woods, traumatised to the extent that he would only communicate in dog barks.

In fact, dogs played a big part in this episode: there was Tintin, on the job as per, Vera, who Markus had taken a shine to, and Rebecka’s own puppy… all taking up as much screen time as their human counterparts.

Krister volunteered a safe sanctuary for the young lad (I could hear the entire viewership cooing as he did so… so strong, and yet so sensitive! Rebecka, don’t let Krister go!), while Rebecka (more so than Mella) led the investigation. She found that another member of the Uusitalo family had perished – Markus’s dad was killed in an unsolved hit-and-run two years previously. She had a theory: someone was out to get the Uusitalos. She also spoke to Solbritt’s cousin Maja Larsson, who, it turned out, knew Rebecka’s mother and father. This added a personal element to the case, quite apt seeing as this was the final story of the series – perhaps we’ll get to know more about Rebecka’s family.

While this was all swirling about, Rebecka was removed from the case entirely – a loathsome prosecutor replaced her, and she was told because she was leaving for Stockholm on Sunday that this case was not for her.

Obviously, Rebecka didn’t heed a word of it and continued her own, private investigation. She also – finally – had quite a ‘moment’ with Krister. They were both frustrated, angry at their various situations – Krister was feeling very protective of Markus, and Rebecka was pissed off from being taken off the case. They argued and shouted at each other, and then boffed on the kitchen stove after frantically tearing off each other’s clothes.

I was relieved: it was about time these two resolved their sexual tension. The question now is what happens next – does Rebecka leave to live with Måns in Stockholm, or does she stay in the Kiruna area?

The choice, as they say, is yours, Rebecka.

Paul Hirons

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